The Eighth Month - The Second Month Of Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

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Now you are in your second month of final trimester that is the 8th month of pregnancy. You are just a few weeks away from delivering your little peanut. This 8th month is usually the period of both anxiety and excitement, specifically as now you can see your fully grown baby on the ultrasound screen during scan.

Disclaimer: Every pregnancy is unique, even one’s second pregnancy is different from her first one. The changes or symptoms which are noted here are common pregnancy changes only for familiarity. You might experience some of these symptoms or all of it or even none of it. Similarly, if you experience something different from these, don’t worry but please do consult your obstetrician immediately, if symptoms go to the extreme side. 

So, without further delay, let’s continue our journey of detailed development of the baby and yourself during this mid-third trimester i.e., your eighth month of pregnancy- weeks 31 to 35…

WEEK 31:

Baby’s development:

This week also our baby continues to increase more in weight than in height. As the space in your uterus becomes limited for her, she takes on the fetal position (the back will bend, the head will be bowed, and the limbs will be tucked in and drawn up to the torso). 

Mom’s body development:

At this stage, the only significant change you will be going to experience besides all the ongoing changes is that now your uterus will occupy a large part of the abdomen. And for the first-time mom out there, you will be going to feel more emotionally distressed than the first-time one, with the fast-approaching delivery as they already experienced it once.

WEEK 32:

Baby’s development:

Till now, our baby’s all the important internal organs except the lungs are fully mature. She now begins practicing opening her eyes and breathing. In case of premature delivery of the baby in this stage, she would easily survive but the baby in the womb has the advantage of developing lungs and becoming more capable after delivery.

 Mom’s body development:

Your nipples will start to appear darker as the week starts. And as the baby now is turning around and moving in the womb will lead to suffering from shortness of breath every once in a while. Our body also starts preparing for childbirth. At this moment, the vaginal discharge increases significantly to lubricate the birth canal.

WEEK 33:

Baby’s development: 

These few weeks will be going to very important for the overall growth of your baby as she gains half of her total baby weight in the next weeks. Meanwhile, the space in your uterus is getting more and more limited for the baby, which will result in less movement of your baby in the belly. And the achievement of this week which your baby will achieve that will be her reflexes become coordinated. 

Mom’s body development:

This week, the only thing that might change will be the addition of overheating in your discomfort list which includes difficulty in breathing, clumsiness, dehydration, and constant uneasiness. And yes, we can’t forget headaches right!

WEEK 34:

Baby’s development:

For general, your little peanut now weighs about 5 pounds that will be approx. 2.5 kilograms and measures around 20 inches. Mostly, all babies now reached a head-down position in our belly, but remember it might not be the final position. The lungs and toenails are only the organs that not yet developed. Her movement is almost none in this week due to the tight fit.

Mom’s body development:

From this week onwards, you will begin to feel aches in the pelvic region as your uterus contracts as practice for labor. As the accumulation of fluid, hormonal imbalance, and lack of sleep persist, many of you might start to notice the burring of your vision which will be accompanied by swelling, sudden weight gain, and headaches.

WEEK 35:

Baby’s development:

About 95% of the babies are in the fetal position at this stage. However, some might still be in a position where C-section will be required. Now, her lungs get fully matured while her skin begins to look fuller and there are fewer wrinkles than before.

Mom’s body development:

As your pregnancy enters the week 35, the Braxton hicks contraction start to become more painful and more often. Don’t worry, these contractions last only for a shorter period and go away as you change position. Your ligaments and bones in the pelvic region start loosening a little bit to ease the process of childbirth. At the same time, the pain in the pelvic area will remain constant, and the urge to pee will become more and more frequent. 

Here are some advice related to this month of pregnancy:

  • From the beginning of the third trimester, the mother should keep track of their weight, and also keep moving to maintain the metabolism going.
  • As the pregnancy progresses towards childbirth, you should start your research about breastfeeding and connect with your doctor to learn more regarding taking care of the child. You can try investing HunyHuny’s specially design Maternity Wears with seamless zippers, which are not only comfortable to wear, but also provides hassle-free breastfeeding accessibility. 
  • Don't overlook if your water bag breaks prematurely, as this will increase the chances of infection. Immediately meet with the doctor.
  • Supplements like Vitamins and calcium should be continued throughout the third trimester with a consultation with the physician. 
  • To ease breathing problems, start doing pregnancy tailored Pranayama and Butterfly exercise to help the birth canal open.
  • It is very crucial to avoid stress during this stage. So, quit stressing over the fact that your belly looks different than others as the size, width, and position of the belly.
  • As the birth of your baby is near, it is wise to buy some Baby Wear, Swaddles, and Baby Transport and Other Baby Accessories that will be vital as soon as the baby arrives.

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What foods to eat and to avoid during the eighth month of pregnancy:

Let’s summarize the symptoms which your body will go through during this month,  that will be gaining weight, frequent urination, shortness of breath, and heartburn or acidity. So, it will be wise to include the food which will help in easing these conditions and meeting the nutritional requirement of this month. Similarly, you have to avoid the foods which will support these conditions. Now, let us look at what food should be avoided and what will be included during the 8th month of pregnancy diet.

Food to eat during the eighth month of pregnancy:

Here is the list of foods that you should include with your ongoing pregnancy diet.


Fish have a high concentration of iron, which is essential during pregnancy as it helps in producing more blood cells. This prevents anemia- a common condition during pregnancy, which is the result of iron deficiency. Fish also provide other important nutrients like protein, which makes it a great element in the 8th-month pregnancy diet.

Red Meat:

It is also a rich source of iron and protein. It plays an important role in improving general health too by keeping you from being tired or sick during pregnancy.

Lemons and Oranges:

We all know these two are great sources of Vitamin C, which is a crucial nutrient for the body. It even helps in the absorption of iron. You can also include other sources of Vitamin C like tomatoes and cabbages in your diet to meet its full requirement.

Dairy Products:

These are the non-exhaustive source of Vitamins and Minerals such as calcium, potassium, proteins, and the like. So, these are must-include items in your eighth month of pregnancy diet plan. 

Leafy Vegetables:

These are the fiber-enriched foods, which will be your best friend if you are onto the constipation problem. These contain more than enough fibers, along with other minerals such as iron, potassium, and calcium. So, remember to add these to your diet.


This fruit does wonders for pregnant ladies. They are rich in calcium, potassium, and iron, making it a must-have fruit in any women’s diet. Bananas not only promote digestion and relieve constipation; it also increases your comfort in great ways. 

Foods to avoid in the eighth month of pregnancy:

Below is the list of foods that can cause harm to either you or the growing baby. So, eliminate them from your pregnancy diet.

Unpasteurized milk, Undercooked or Raw Meat:

All of the above-mentioned foods have harmful bacteria in it. Yes, even in the undercooked meat, as it is not fully cooked, there is always the chances of bacteria present in it. Consuming these may cause a fatal condition called toxoplasmosis. So, always make sure before drinking milk, it should be properly boiled and meat should be completely cooked thoroughly. 


If you are still drinking coffee, now is the time to put a complete stop in it. coffee comes under a strict no-no category during the last stages of pregnancy. They elevate issues like constipation and gastric problems.

Fried foods:

Fried foods, should be avoided as much as you can, especially at night as they can cause gastrointestinal problems, including digestion problems and heartburn, an increase in cholesterol levels, etc. These even don’t have nutritional values at all.

That’s a wrap for today!! This was our detailed journey of the development of both the baby and the mother in the eighth month of pregnancy. As you are in your second month of the third trimester, that means you only have only a month to reach your goal. So, be calm and stress-free. Take extra care of yourself now. You can do it, girl!! HunyHuny is always with you at your step. 

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