How to choose the right baby stroller? 12 key tips for finding a perfect ride for your baby!

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If you are would-be-parents and looking for the baby stroller online India, then here are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Check out the list and share it with other parents. 

Parenting is such a beautiful journey, every moment is priceless! Especially when parents go out shopping for their little one, even the smallest of things that parents buy for their babies has values and emotions attached to it. The joy, excitement, and emotions get heighten when it's finally the time to show your baby the world, yes buying a baby stroller and taking your baby on a ride! Well, there is a wide variety of baby strollers available out there and choosing the right one for your baby can prove to be a daunting task.

Hence, we are here to help you make the right decision and make your baby's ride safer and enjoyable! So, let's do it!  

Things to consider while buying a baby stroller

Get answers to these questions and you will end up buying the right stroller for your little one!

How are the roads?

First, you need to see where the ride needs to be done. What is the condition of roads where you will take your baby on a ride the most? If the road is rough, plastic wheels cannot be a good option as they won't be able to survive for long. So, get this clear on priority so that can you get the stroller that can last longer and provide your baby with a smooth ride even on rough roads.

Newborn or infant friendly?

Some baby stroller models you will find newborn friendly whereas others can be more suitable for infants. You need to see if there is any add-ons needed as per your specific requirements. you may need to get a car seat or optional bassinet attached to make the stroller infant-friendly.

How long you want to make use of the stroller?

One or two? Will you be planning another baby soon? Or is there someone in your family or connections who can make use of the stroller once you don't need it anymore? Keep the future in mind so that you don't need to replace the baby stroller time and time again.

Is it easy to fold and unfold?

Most probably, you will be holding the baby and some other stuff when you will need to fold and unfold the stroller. Here, you need to give it a try and ensure that the stroller can be folded and unfolded with ease. Moreover, some one-handed folds may not be as easy as they sound, so be careful about what you are getting.

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What about the weight and size?

How big should the stroller be? Do you need a spacious one to provide your baby with extra comfort? Or a compact one that can make it easy to carry while you travel? On the other hand, the weight of the stroller also matters as when you will lift, you need to ensure that it is light in weight. So, pay attention to the details and choose an appropriate size and weight.

Did you see the safety standards?

Now let's talk about the buckles and safety. Five-point harnesses are relatively standard and check if it is easy to buckle, and not very easy to unbuckle for the baby. Some umbrella strollers come with three-point harnesses, check out the safety details prior to making any decision.

Do brakes work safely?

Test the brakes, it's another key element for baby safety. The brakes of the stroller must be easy to apply and it must provide you and the baby with a secure stop. Test brakes once or twice and make sure you don't face any issues with the same.

Did you notice hinges and edges?

Now, you need to check the gaps, all the nooks and narrow spaces or openings need to be paid attention. Sometimes, baby products can be tricks and if there is any small opening in the stroller, your baby can stick his finger or clothes in it. Keep those little fingers and toes safe by checking the baby stroller properly.

Is there any shade for protection?

You surely don't want the Sun (or rain) to harm the soft skin of your baby. Some strollers come with built-in SPF protection so if you feel you will be taking your baby for a ride in the sunlight, you can ask for this feature. 

Do you travel a lot?

Businesspersons or working couples who frequently travel, the choice of baby stroller will vary for them. They must consider buying a compact and lightweight stroller that can be carried anywhere with ease. You can look for more options available for you and invest in a stroller that makes your baby's ride and your traveling easy.

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Did you do a test drive?

The same thing that you do when you go to buy a car. You take a test drive, check the smoothness and features and the feel, you check the comfort and everything in between. So, a stroller is also like your baby's new car, make sure it has the features and comfort your baby needs, and take a test drive!

Invest in quality!

Buying a stroller can be a costly affair, especially if you don't invest in quality. If you choose a low-quality and cheap stroller, chances are high it won't last long and you may have to get a new one and hence, you will need to pay a lot more than you would have expected. It will be a smart decision if you invest in quality and avoid replacing the stroller.

Final words

So, now when you are aware of these key tips and tricks to find the best baby stroller, it's time to go out shopping and find a perfect piece for your cute baby!


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Nice topic and well explained. Buying anything for a baby is a tough task when parents put so much thinking and efforts. This article helped me while buying the stroller for my baby.

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