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Pregnancy is the only time in life when you will fall in love with someone you haven’t met.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Flaunting your baby bump is no longer something unheard of. After all, creating life takes courage, and courage must be celebrated and embraced. Now if you are thinking of a saying, that you have to abandon your style and wear only shaggy clothes for all nine months, then you are wrong. Now you can both be comfortable and stylish at the same time and don’t have to compromise anymore. Yeah, you heard it right!!

We all know that maternity style is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. There are various ways to approach it. It can be a deeply personal, sometimes arduous, or occasionally pleasurable. So, this time we are here with some helpful advices to dress your new body shape in style and confidence.

1. Make use of your existing wardrobe

Dig into your existing wardrobe for unexpectedly bump-free pieces and you will be amazed to know how many pieces you can wear well into your pregnancy. You can buy a few maternity basics and pair them up with your regular clothing. For more mix, do not hesitate to go through your partner’s wardrobe. 

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2. Look up to something more comfortable (Tees & Hoodies)

Maternity Wear

Avoid tight clothes. Grab some clothes which are flexible to move and stretch. Ideally, your maternity wear should have lots of space for the belly. Simple yet beautiful tops, tees, and hoodies are a great go-to for when you need to dress up. It’s lightweight, loose, long, and breathable, plus a sumptuous fabric that will give a luxurious feel to your look. Wear them for a walk, work or party choice is up to you.

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3. High waist pants are a must-have in your maternity wardrobe 

High Waist Pants

A well-fitted pair of maternity leggings will go a long way for you. Wear them with formal shirts or with casual tees for a day out. A good pair will become an amazing item in your maternity wardrobe. Just make sure that they are stretchy so you will not have to compromise on comfort. You can also pair with some stretchy tops from your pre-pregnancy days.

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4. Feeding Friendly Maternity Gown

Feeding Friendly Dresses

Step out in style with this HunyHuny Maternity Dress, they are crafted from the finest pregnancy-friendly fabric to ensure you look and feel the best all the time. This feeding dress can also be worn as maternity Kurti and will give you a trendy look when clubbed with HunyHuny Maternity leggings. The nursing dress is lightweight, breathable, stretchy & incredibly soft to the skin. The discreet zipper and pockets make feeding extremely easy, anywhere & anytime and its fabric is ultimate soft for your baby skin. These are so stylish you wear them to work, parties, gatherings, or any occasion.

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5. Maternity Night Wear: Be Cozy At Night 

Maternity Night Wear

Pregnancy nights are tiring in itself, and after all day of hectic schedule when you want to relax at night, you would need a soft elegant touch of everyday Pre and Post Maternity night wears. Relax at ease wearing, soft, and comfortable maternity nightwear with feeding options from HunyHuny. It's surely going to be your favorite nightdress. They are so cozy, you will want them to wear in the day time too.

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A woman is always more special throughout her pregnancy. To make her feel charming and stay comfortable at all times, HunyHuny offers a colorful range of maternity clothing made with super fine quality fabric. These apparels are also customized for a woman to adorn her straight through her delivery and post-pregnancy days. keeping in mind the upcoming fashion trends, to make you feel wearing it the first time even if you wear them 4-5 years post-delivery. The feeding zippers and pockets are seamless, nobody will even know if you are wearing a maternity dress.  

We hope all you beautiful mamas out there have a happy and healthy pregnancy. If you have any queries, do reach us at [email protected]. We will be happy to help :).

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