Hello! We are glad that you are interested to know about us. Okay! Our story begins like this; two optimistic & visionary youngsters agreed to a similar problem when they were looking for Maternity and Infant products for the would-be mothers and the upcoming new members to their family. The problem was not too unique, rather it was very typical. They found the products available in the market are either too pricey or not too value for money. They found it neither so fitting nor so comfortable. They found like they are not getting what they want for their family. Their hunt was not so dramatic; after all, ‘Family is everything’! 

No offence, initially it was their personal judgement. But not so long, when they did enough market research, took views from other parents, gathered a collective data about those problems; it came out as a lingering issue from a long time, for all those parents who want to give the best to their child and all those mothers who deserved the best in their toughest times. Who would have thought that, right?

These two youngsters, sat down together, with a mutual objective, did enough homework and came out strong and brave enough to let it go everything they had and focus on one unseen and highly unnoticed problem of our society. They founded a BIG IDEA, they founded “HunyHuny”.

OUR BIG IDEA: HunyHuny’s mission is to stand out as a recognized leader in the world to provide the best quality yet most affordable mother and baby care products to every home.

Our Team comprises of highly professional and skilled people who handpick products, design them, manufacture them, pack them and deliver them to the homes of every needed family. Our Team does not only concentrate on High class or Tier I cities like Metros but also reach out to families in far-far cities who are kept deprived of such basic needs. After all, who does not want the best for their family!

Our journey has seen many ups and downs, but never gave up! Never had a second thought. HunyHuny was not just selling products, it was delivering happiness, it was doing something that should have done a long back. HunyHuny claims as India’s best mother and baby store!

To every parent, every would-be mother and every child: #HunyHunyLovesYou

We are grateful to your affection and blessings, our journey continues… many more to come!