The Third Month - Last Month Of The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

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Welcome again! I hope you all are doing well.

Now we are in the third month of pregnancy. This is the landmark month as it will mark the completion of your first milestone of pregnancy- the first trimester. The chances of miscarriage drop considerably after the third month. Your belly will slowly start to show from this month. So, let’ find about our pregnancy’s detailed development in the third month i.e., from week 9 to 12, of the first trimester…

the third month pregnancy

Week 9:

Baby’s Development:

This is the vital week for our baby’s development as their internal sex organ start to form along with other organs like the gall bladder and the pancreas. But it is still difficult to know the gender of the baby at this point. By now the baby’s size has already reached half the length of the body and starting to straighten out as the neck is more developed. The ‘tiny-miny’ little fingers start to grow longer and broader while nails also grow within this week. As growth continues, our baby’s body starts to replace the soft tissue (cartilage) with the bones.

Mom’s Body Changes:

You will start noticing the thickening of your waistline. We gain weight but that was not noticeable due to morning sickness and the aversions i.e., dislike to different food, which we feel. Headaches also start from this month due to lack of sleep, hormonal changes in our body, and change in diet. Our digestion process also takes a setback. So, you might experience constipation and yes, I too suffered from this.


  • As bones begin to form in the baby, it’s recommended to take some supplements, including calcium. Its always a good practice to include them via natural sources too like sesame seeds, curd, milk, etc.
  • By this week, it is wise to consult with your doctor to perform several tests for some abnormalities including STDs, blood count, hormone level, and urine test to identify UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), if present. 

Week 10:

Baby’s Development:

In the tenth week, our baby finally starts to resemble a human baby than a tadpole, as the features become more distinct. Our baby’s hand and legs start to increase length-wise and can now bend the elbows and knees too. The webbing now starts to disappear and fingers and toes become distinct. Our baby can pee now as the kidney starts working. It's amazing to know that baby’s brain development reaches new heights by producing around 250,000 neurons per minute!!! And the happiest part for us is, as the baby now is in the more developed stage, our risk of miscarriage reduces! Don’t relax yet as we still have two weeks to go. 

Mom’s Body Changes:

Our breast size increases significantly as the mammary glands start its preparation to produce milk. You might also notice some visible veins in various parts of your body as the volume of blood increases in the body. This week, a more transparent and odorless vaginal discharge will also appear. You don’t have to worry as that was natural and that discharge even has antibacterial property which will continue till the rest of the pregnancy. 


  • By this week, it will be a good idea to take blood tests for genetic testing. Consult your physician as it will allow the early detection of signs related to the risk of Down’s Syndrome, Edward Syndrome, among other chromosomal abnormalities.
  • In addition to the above, other blood tests to know the blood type and whether its ‘Rh-positive’ or not, can be performed on you.
  • It is time to switch to wearing maternity clothes as your belly will be increasing slightly by this week. I used the HunyHuny Maternity Wear for my time which I found extremely comfortable and affordable. The material feel was super soft and easy to wear and the main part was that the clothes are made of pure cotton, as we all know cotton is the best friend of our skin. This reduced my skin irritation to much extent. My personal favorite was the HunyHuny’s High Waist Maternity Pants that provide support for my belly throughout the pregnancy. I still have those pants, you can wear them anytime post-pregnancy too (please don’t judge me, I love them and I am sure you will too). So, for you, I recommend wearing HunyHuny’s Maternity Wear. You can explore your choices here. They are soft, comfortable, and made from breathable fabric. Flaunt your bump with style and comfort, no compromises.

HunyHuny Maternity Wear

HunyHuny Maternity Wear

Week 11:

Baby’s Development:

From this week, the external sex organ of our baby’s body will start to form and the proportionally large head of our baby will remain, which will be balanced in the coming week. Our baby can now breathe, which helps in further growth of the lungs in the body. The taste buds, tooth buds, and nail beds begin to generate. And this week’s main achievement is that we can finally hear the sounds of our baby’s movement in the uterus by the stethoscope.

Mom’s Body Changes:

For us, beside abdominal cramping, leg cramps will begin its visit. Especially at night to interfere with your sleep (that was a really hard time for me too). To your horror, the skin under the belly will start to darken!!! Hahaha… don’t worry as this is only temporary. So, sorry to frighten you but it can last sometimes even after delivery. Its massage time now! Start giving your belly some coconut oil massage at this point in time to avoid skin darkening and stretchmarks. As the hormonal levels are still in turmoil, mood swings, nausea, and other issues will persist this week.


  • It is recommended to see a dentist once every ten months because of increased blood volume which may cause problems like gum swelling and bleeding.
  • Start monitoring your weight, as it is wise to gain some to meet the energy and health of the baby by eating a healthy and balanced diet.

Week 12:

Baby’s Development:

Now our baby is in the twelfth week, mostly all the essential organs have completed its formation. The circulatory and urinary system of our baby is now functioning fully, and the liver also starts producing bile. By the end of this week i.e., the first trimester, our baby will be able to open and close the fists and mouth and grows about four inches while weighs about 28 grams.

Mom’s Body Changes:

This week marks the completion of the first trimester of your pregnancy. So, Heartily Congratulations. And the most important thing is that our chances of miscarriage after this week decreases significantly, now we can pretty much relax. By the end of this week, our body starts to balance the hormone levels resulting in a decrease in nausea and bloating. The headache will continue but, its severity will depend upon the individual as mine was a severe headache but yours might not be. This is due to dehydration, lack of sleep, and anxiety level. As our hormones come to balance, you will notice a detectable increase in your energy level for a few months.


  • If your morning sickness persists even after the first trimester or you notice BLOOD IN VAGINAL DISCHARGE, without any delay CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR instantly.
  • Keep your calm by doing pregnancy tailored meditation and yoga and take rest as much as possible as pregnancy continues.
  • Drink lots and lots of water to keep yourself hydrated and maintaining the desired amniotic fluid level.

Week 13:

Baby’s Development:

As we enter the second trimester, now the baby’s body starts developing more as compared to the head to balance the proportion. The head at this time is about 1/3rd of the total body length. Our baby’s facial features become more noticeable. Eyes move to take their place from sides to the middle of the face and the ears move from the neck to the sides of the face. Baby’s body starts forming wrists and ankle in the limbs as it continues to grow to reach a proper length.

Mom’s Body Development:

The blue veins in your body will become more distinct on the arms and neck mainly as the blood flow increases with the increased volume. You will notice a rise in your energy level as the hormone will be settling down. Your diet will increase. You might observe an increased sex drive too. The baby-bump will be more distinct from this week and finally, you will start to look more pregnant than before. The important change for which you will be grateful is that we get to say goodbye to our morning sickness. 


  • From this week onwards, you should aim to gain around half an ounce of weight each week.
  • As the baby bump becomes visible and increases considerably in size, it is important to opt for more comfortable wearing.
  • Start taking appropriate supplements with advice from your doctor.

What Foods To Eat And Avoid During The Third Month Of Pregnancy:


This month can be difficult, as the morning sickness, fatigue, and mood swings are at their peak conditions. This is also the time when we have a high risk of miscarriage. Therefore, it is very important for you to remain stress-free and happy. For our baby’s healthy growth and development, it is vital for you to also eat nutritional food. As food directly have an effect on our baby’s health in the womb, the knowledge about what food to eat and avoid is very necessary. 

Here are the,

Food You Should Include In Your Third-Month Pregnancy Diet:

Your pregnancy diet should meet all the nutrition the fetus requires to grow into a healthy baby. So, add these extra nutrients with your ongoing diet.

  1. Vitamin B6-Rich Foods: As the morning sickness is at the peak in this month, Vitamin B6-rich food will become your warrior to battle against nausea and vomiting. The foods which are rich in Vitamin B6 are lean meats, poultry, eggs, citrus fruits, avocados, soybeans, legumes, nuts, and seeds.
  2. Folate-Rich Foods: Folate or Folic acid is vital for the proper baby’s brain and spinal cord development. You can add natural sources of Folic acid-like broccoli, citrus fruits, beans, peas, lentils, brussels sprouts, okra (‘bindi’), avocado, asparagus, and dark green leafy vegetables.
  3. Omega-3-Rich Foods: Omega-3 is the essential nutrient for the healthy development of the eyes and brain in the baby. Its sources are soybean, canola oil, walnuts, chia seeds, flaxseeds, wild rice, salmon, mackerel, and sardines.
  4. Vitamin D:As the baby’s bones start to develop from this month, Vitamin D is essential for the baby now. Vitamin D also plays an important role in the development of the immune system, healthy teeth, and mainly healthy cell division in the baby. Fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, and tuna, egg yolk, cod liver oil, and Vitamin D fortified milk or cereals are a few examples of Vitamin D rich foods.

Foods To Avoid During The Third Month Of Pregnancy:

After knowing the foods to include, you should know what food to exclude in your pregnancy diet as they will harm you as well as your baby. In extreme cases, they can cause the miscarriage of your baby. So, be mindful of the foods that are listed below:

  1. Seafood: Seafood as well as ocean fish have a high level of methyl-mercury in their body which is responsible for impaired brain function in the baby, in adverse cases it may also induce miscarriage of the baby.
  2. Vitamin A: Excessive dose of Vitamin A relates to birth defects in the baby. Natural food like fruits, vegetables, eggs, and milk containing Vitamin A are not harmful. However, beef and veal liver have high Vitamin A concentration, so, remember to avoid them. Make sure you do not consume much Vitamin A at once. Of course, also avoid taking Vitamin A supplements after doctors consult.
  3. Street Food: Having street food will increase the risk of getting bacterial infections such as gastroenteritis. Such infection directly affects the developing baby. If I talk about a severe case then that will be of my close friend. The street ‘Gol Gappays’ result in losing her baby in the third month of pregnancy. So, please don’t repeat the same mistake as my friend. Stay as far away from the street food and stay safe. If you still want to eat them, then it’s best to make them at home.
  4. Canned Food: As we all know; these contain a high amount of preservatives which will cause harm for fetal development. They also have a chemical named bisphenol-A (BPA) which increases the risk of miscarriages. That’s the reason it's advised to avoid canned or tinned food and replace them with freshly cooked homemade foods.

So, that was the detailed development of your baby and yourself which happens in the last month of the first trimester. 

Pregnancy is a roller coaster ride, which you feel like you don’t wanna get off when it's about to come to an end but cherish these ups and downs when you hold your baby for the very first time. Share with us your pregnancy journey, what were your ups & downs, challenges you faced, and how you remember them now. 

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