Few tips to keep in mind while choosing baby wear!

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Every parent loves to do the shopping for their babies and can go to any extent to get the best for them. But you need to keep few things in mind while shopping for your baby. Comfort, fabric, softness, season, size, safety, etc. are some things to consider before picking an outfit. To make your baby clothing shopping experience an enjoyable one, we have come up with few tips which would definitely help you.

Check out these tips to choose the right baby wear!

Here’s how you can get perfect baby wear for your little one!

Safety is the Priority

While buying clothes for your baby remember to always look for clothes that open down the front, instead of the back; have loose-fitting sleeves and do not fit around your baby’s neck too tightly. Try to avoid any sort of fancy decoration on the baby’s dress. Another tip is to make sure that their dress doesn’t have an irritating zip closure, should be perfectly soft that your baby’s skin doesn’t get hurt. It’s better to check twice the buttons in the dress, should not be too loose. Kids have a tendency of grabbing everything into their mouth and in this case, your baby can even swallow a button and get hurt. Choose dresses keeping in mind about labels that don’t harm your little one’s skin. Sometimes, it’s preferable to buy night clothes that have a “low fire hazard” level.


When you are shopping baby clothes online or offline, make sure they are comfortable and protected enough. They should not have any additional decoration that can harm their soft and delicate skin. Choose the baby wear that’s comfortable and easy to put on and take off. It’s advisable to buy the clothing made of cotton or cotton blends. Cotton is soft, breathable, and easily washable. Try to make sure there are no seams or tags that might rub your baby’s tender skin that may cause redness or rashes. Most babies don’t like anything that pulled over their heads. So, it’s better to choose clothes that have a wide neck opening, or easily open in the front or on the side and loose sleeves are better than tight ones. Generally, snap buttons are better than regular buttons or zippers. You’ll need to change the diapers frequently so it’s better to keep in mind to choose the clothes that can be easily opened at the crotch (fewer clothes to take off). When babies are comfortable, they're happier and they sleep better. This means a more peaceful house and more peaceful sleep for you too.


Winter dressing recommendations for babies-

Babies need several layers of clothing to stay warm during the winter. You can dress your baby simply in an undershirt and diapers or a dressing gown, and then wrap in a receiving blanket. For an extra layer, you may consider an alternative such as a sleep sack wearable blanket sleeper. But keep in mind not to overdo and you may follow a simple guideline to dress your little ones in the same number of layers you’re wearing yourself, plus one. When you are indoors paying topmost attention to this fact is important because if babies are dressed in too many layers are at greater risk for overheating or dehydration due to excessive sweating and in severe cases may lead to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Summer dressing recommendations for babies

In summer, it’s best to reduce your baby’s clothing to a single layer only. Babies feel comfortable in cotton clothes that are loose, lightweight, and breathable. Cotton is the best for summer fabrics by nature. Mostly, it’s advisable to choose an alight shade of colors instead of dark colors as they will absorb less heat. Newborns cannot regulate their own body temperature like an adult; thus, it is very important to protect them from overheating on hot and humid days. An excess layer of clothing can generate excess heat on the baby’s body and cause prickly heat rashes.

Dressing recommendations for Premature babies

Premature babies usually need another layer of clothing until their weight reaches that of a full-term baby. Because they are more vulnerable to variations in temperature changes and are unable to adjust the same way than a full-term baby. During winter season try to avoid bundling your baby in too many layers of clothing to prevent overheating. For the summer and rainy season, cotton wears can be your best friend.


Babies' growth can vary from one to another. It will be better to buy baby clothes by your baby’s height and weight, rather than by age. Your baby will grow fast, and they will need new clothes every few months. It’s advisable to buy one plus size cloth which will be a perfect fit in the next few days. It’s always better to aware of the perfect size before buying clothes for your baby.

Final words!

We hope these few tips will help you with buying perfect baby wear for little angels.

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Enjoy styling your baby!!


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