Inducing labor naturally: 7 Pregnancy Exercises that actually work!

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Are you ready to meet your baby? When it comes to full-term pregnancy, you may notice that your mind and body would be almost ready to welcome your baby. But, even when your due date is round the corner, babies are babies, only they can decide when they want to make their grand entrance, and that's obviously a beautiful thing about bringing a new life to the world. At this point in time, mom-to-be (sometimes) needs to take things in their hands and move labor along by trying certain exercises. So, we have put together a list of pregnancy exercises that can help induce labor naturally! Let's jump to the list!

Amazing pregnancy workouts that help induce labor naturally!

Check out this list and keep your body ready to welcome your baby!

Take a walk!

Consider walking as a warmup, a simple walk is known to speed up slow labors. Walking may seem low-impact but it promotes uterine contraction, very helpful for moms who have not been so active during their pregnancy. It will help your cervix to dilate, and at the same time, it will help your baby to drop further into your pelvis, or it will surely be relaxing for your mind and body!

Walking up the stairs

When you climb stairs, your body takes a natural angle of 40 to 45 degrees and this, in turn, makes your baby move lower in your pelvis. When you skip a step, it puts gentle pressure on your cervix, encouraging it to thin and dilate, and that's the cycle of events needed for labor to occur.


Squats can prove to be an amazing exercise that you can do throughout the pregnancy. Squats are known to allow gravity to help open your pelvis, which gives your baby a little more room to travel down into the birth canal. Moreover, squats help to strengthen your legs, hips, and pelvic floor muscles.


Prepare your body for a natural birth with lunges, it helps to warm up your hips and open your pelvis. To do this exercise, you need to keep your feet together, take a wide step forward, and drop your back knee to the floor. Your ankle and your front knee should be parallel. Hold the position for 5 to 10 seconds and perform the same from the other foot, don't forget to keep your spine straight.

Birthing ball

Birthing ball or exercise ball is one of the finest tools to prepare your body to induce labor naturally. When you sit on exercise ball with wide legs, it will ultimately increase blood flow to the placenta, uterus, and your baby! Birthing balls are a great way to make birth easier and faster while promoting postpartum recovery.

Butter stretch

It's an easy but very effective workout that you must have done during your gym class. This is a superb exercise that adds flexibility to your pelvic joints and hence, helps to induce labor naturally. To do this, sit up straight on the floor, you can find help by sitting with your back against the wall, keep the soles of your feet together and with the help of your hands or elbow towards the ground.


That's what got you into this wonderful situation, and that's what will help you to get out of this. When you do the deed, it will help to burn calories and on the other hand, it will help stimulate labor. Furthermore, orgasm helps in the release of oxytocin, increasing the contraction to the uterus. Avoid this activity when your water has already broken to avoid the chances of infection.

Important note!!

Speak with your doctor or care provider before performing any exercise, especially when you have very high or low amniotic fluid, asked for bed rest, pre-eclampsia, placenta previa, or any history of premature labor.

While performing any of these exercises, make sure that you have someone around to support you for a risk-free workout.

Final words!

Pregnancy is a wonderful, life-changing journey, live those days to the fullest and be prepared for an easy and safe labor.


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