The Six Month - The Last Month Of Second Trimester Of Pregnancy

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Today we will know about the last month of the second trimester that will be your sixth month of pregnancy. Here some might experience some of these pregnancy symptoms. But please do remember every pregnancy is unique, even one’s second pregnancy varies from her first pregnancy. The symptoms which I listed here are the common symptoms. This information is only for knowledge. If your symptoms get different from the mentioned ones, don’t worry but please do consult with your doctor if they get to the extreme side.  

Without wasting any more of our precious time, let’s get start

ed with the detailed development of your baby and yourself during the sixth month i.e., weeks 22- 26 of your pregnancy.

mom and baby growth

WEEK 22:

Baby’s development:

At the starting of this week. Our baby starts developing a sense of touch. She now begins to touch her hand to the face and other parts of the body. Now they begin to sleep in cycles of general 12 to 14 hours a day. Our baby’s eyelids and eyebrows are now fully developed at this point. They also start transferring their appearance from transparent to opaque as they are collecting fats underneath the skin, which means our baby’s skin starts to look like normal skin than a transparent sheet. 

Mom’s body development:

From this week as our pregnancy progress, the hair fall issue starts occurring in all would-to-be-mothers, but some might have severe conditions than others and some might not have hair fall at all. This mainly happens due to increased hormone levels. The normal backaches might also start transferring to a more severe department coz of carrying the extra weight of our baby all the time. 

WEEK 23:

Baby’s development:

Our baby’s skin still looks wrinkly as more fats are to be accumulated underneath the skin in the coming weeks. Her brain now starts developing billion of nerve cells, which will later handle all the operations of the body. Her lungs also begin generating the surfactant that is very essential for babies as they later help them to breathe air when they arrive in this world and allow the lungs to inflate and reach its maximum capacity.

Mom’s body development:

As you come closer to the end of the second trimester, you might notice the contractions become more intense, the muscle in our belly starts flexing to get ready for labor. In addition to this, the skin around the nipples darken and tiny bumps form in several parts of our body. As usual, the blood flow and its volume keeps on increasing to meet the requirement of both the baby and our body.

WEEK 24:

Baby’s development:

Our baby now looks pinker by the day. In the intervening time, the ears are coming close to fully developed, which ultimately balance our baby’s body and help them to move around more effectively. By the end of this week, our baby measures about 12 inches and weighs about 900 grams. The best thing about this week is, if our baby is born prematurely, there are super high chances of successful delivery. 

Mom’s body development:

The end of this week will mark your completion of the second trimester of the pregnancy. More stretch marks called tiger marks will now start appearing in the hips and legs as our pregnancy advances. If your water intake doesn’t meet the requirement then you might feel aching in your leg. It's important so, take this sign seriously. Your face might start to swell a little from this week because of the weight gain, hormones, and blood flow. Try HunyHuny Maternity Pants to be more comfortable since belly stretches.

WEEK 25:

Baby’s Development:

As our baby enters the third trimester, her bowel movement starts developing fast. The meconium which will be her ‘first potty’ in her very first diaper is already complete in its formation and now store in the large intestine. Do you know, in some cases, her first potty might release within our womb? From this week, our baby’s body also starts developing the white blood cells- the immunity warrior, which will later help with battling against foreign invaders. The fat deposition continues its process as our baby’s senses become more active resulting in the display of human reflexes. From this week onwards, your amniotic fluid will slowly start to disappear.

Mom’s Body Development:

Your body in its third trimester of pregnancy, where hemorrhoids are the main issue. This usually happens due to the clotting of blood in the veins which puts pressure on the digestive system. It also adds to constipation and dehydration. Now, as baby bump keeps on expanding, sleeping becomes the second major issue. You can invest in these beautiful HunyHuny Maternity Night Wears its comfortable and soothing fabric will provide you ease to combat the sleeping disorder. You might also face problems standing or sit for a long time at a stretch. As the baby keeps growing, our immunity grows weaker by the day. Many of you might become subject to various infections. So, be mindful of them as they might develop complications in the pregnancy. And yes, if you are in the group of moms who doesn’t gain weight till now, then you are going to experience a rapid weight gain from this week. 

maternity wear

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WEEK 26:

Baby’s Development:

Our baby’s skin now becomes more and more opaque with folds in various parts that will later evolve into the skin. Her sleeping habits become more regular and an interesting thing is that in some lucky moms, their baby’s sleeping habits resemble that of the mom! Amazing right! Now, her heartbeat becomes louder and clearer. You can easily hear it by placing the ears on your belly. As development continues, many of her organs start to function thoroughly which makes your baby more independent.

Mom’s Body Development:

You might start to forget things which is a condition known as pregnancy brain. It is the product of anxiety and restlessness or because of hormonal imbalance. Your blood pressure also tends to increase by this week that will be up to 140/90 mm of Hg. Braxton hicks contraction will transfer to ‘intense with more frequent’ section by the seventh month while taking both the heartburn and indigestion. You can now feel your uterus about 2-3 inches above the belly button. 

Here is some advice for the sixth month of pregnancy:

  • As heartburn and indigestion persist, avoid spicy and greasy food.
  • It is best if you stick to a strict pregnancy diet as the baby acquires all the essential nutrients from your blood.
  • To ease the contractions, change position while you are sleeping or take a walk. If they still persist consult your doctor immediately.
  • If itchiness becomes unbearable, invest in oils and creams available to deal with dry and itchy skin, coconut oil also works well.
  • Try using pregnancy or baby pillow to ease the backaches. You can also use a heating pad or a prenatal massage.
  • Go for maxi dresses that can be fastened with a drawstring. This way, you can adjust the clothing around your waist at your convenience. Here, maxi dresses will make wonder.
  • HunyHuny Maternity night wears are a must for cozy nights.

hunyhuny night wear

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Immediately Visit Your Doctor when,

  • Itchiness leads to rashes; it might be a sign of a pregnancy condition known as Pruritic papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP).
  • Swelling becomes sudden and extreme; it might be a sign of another pregnancy-related complication known as Preeclampsia. 
  • Your leg starts to pain and swell; it might be a result of blood clotting in the vein. 
  • HunyHuny’s advices all would-to-be-mothers to stay indoors to avoid dehydration and bore sunburn. 

What Foods To Eat During The Sixth Month Of Pregnancy:

As the pregnancy advances and baby’s growth progress, you will begin to experience hunger like never before. It will be both frequent and intense. Here is the following list of food that has to be included in your ongoing pregnancy diet to quench your hunger and required nutrients.

Vitamin C:

As blood volume is high in your body, you might suffer from bleeding gums and the extreme cases will lead to gingivitis. So, consume a high amount of Vitamin C during this month. It helps in repairing and maintaining connective tissue all over the body. A few of its sources are all citrus fruits such as lemon, oranges, and tangerines, strawberries, grapes, cabbage, and sweet potato.

Fruits And Vegetables:

These provide a variety of Vitamins, Minerals, and essential roughage to help in our digestion. They also help in remaining hydrated. Fruits like

  • Pears – contain phosphate, Vitamin C, potassium, and copper
  • Apples – contain antioxidants, B-complex, iron, and phytonutrients.
  • Banana – contain potassium, Vitamin B-6, and Vitamin C.

Similarly, apart from various types of minerals and Vitamins, the fibers present in vegetables are an important part of the 6th-month pregnancy diet as it aids regular, healthy bowel movements. 


Remember, as a pregnant lady your body should always be hydrated. Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day. Additionally, you should take some smoothies and juices as they will provide you with both fluids and essential nutrients. Fight your constipation with your warrior that is fluid. 


As we all know from our childhood that protein is the building block of cells. From this, you can easily estimate the importance of protein in your diet, right! Consume protein as much as you can as there is a developing baby in our womb. Protein-rich foods such as dairy products, eggs, white meat, legumes, and pulses would be great to go with.

Foods To Avoid During The Sixth Month Of Pregnancy:

As some foods provide you with essential nutrients, some can adversely affect you and your baby when consumed during this month of pregnancy. Be alert and here is the list.


Seafood has traces of mercury (methylmercury) in it, which will harm your baby’s brain. So, avoid them throughout your whole pregnancy period.


The newborn has restlessness and sleeplessness whose mother continues their intake of caffeine. Intake of caffeine also increases the baby’s heart rate in the womb and in some cases, it might lead to developing a dependency. Meanwhile, as our baby has no developed system to detoxify, the caffeine remains in the system longer than in an adult.

Spicy Food:

As it is already advised to avoid spicy food coz they lead to heartburn, indigestion, and general discomfort. It even causes harm to our growing baby.  

Alcohol And Tobacco:

You need to completely avoid alcohol and tobacco during your pregnancy. It is also recommended to avoid these things when one is trying to conceive! They can severely affect the growth of the baby.

So, this marks the end of the sixth month of your pregnancy. So, heartily congratulation on the completion of the second milestone of your pregnancy. 

If you like the information, do share this with your friends and family who are going through the same phase in their life. It is vital to share this information with your husband too, as he will be the person taking care of you right now! To know more about the upcoming seventh month of pregnancy, stay tuned, and follow us here.

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