Sleep position during pregnancy: Everything you need to know!

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In our previous blog, we had a detailed discussion about dealing with restless legs syndrome during pregnancy, but this is not the only thing that comes into play when a would-be-mom wants to have a good night's sleep. And, on the other hand, a would-be-mom needs a good night's sleep more than ever, unfortunately, it's going to be harder than ever, a would-be-mom can find herself wrestling around the bed, as finding the right sleep position during pregnancy is going to be difficult than ever! There are a number of things that can make you sleepless when you're pregnant, some of the common issues include-

·         Back pain during pregnancy

·         Chest pain during pregnancy

·         Heartburn

·         Shortness of breath

·         Increased size of the abdomen

·         Insomnia

Sleep positions during pregnancy

Here's what you need to know about sleep positions when you are expecting!

Side sleeping

There can be a lot of advice and suggestions you may get when it comes to side sleeping. But, when we talk about the doctor's recommendations and what studies have to say, either side is fine!

Sleeping on your left

Considered an ideal sleeping position during pregnancy, sleeping on your left is great for smooth blood flow from the inferior vena cava (IVC). It is a large vein that running parallel to your spine on the right side. This vein is responsible to carry blood to your heart as well as to your baby. In addition, this sleep position is known to take the pressure off from your kidneys and liver, there's more room for proper functioning, and it's helpful to avoid swelling issues.

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Sleeping on your right

As mentioned earlier, the left side is ideal, so should you avoid sleeping on your right? Well, not necessarily.

You should keep the misconceptions at bay, and it's always safe to rely on what medical studies have to say about sleeping positions (or any other aspect such as diet and exercise) during pregnancy. So, the same has been revealed in studies that the risk of compression issues with the IVC is very slight and you can sleep on your right without worries, it's all about how you are comfortable!

And, here comes a pregnancy misconception!

The side you sleep on indicates the sex of your baby!

If a mom-to-be favors sleeping on her right side, it's a girl. And, if she favors sleeping on her left, it's a boy.

God knows, where did this come from, but it's a total myth!

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Sleeping on your stomach

A lot of pregnant women may think about this, whether sleeping on the stomach is fine. Well, it is, at least before you reach around 16 to 18 months of pregnancy. At this point in time, your bump would have grown bigger and this position can be undesirable, even you may not want to sleep on a watermelon. More importantly, when you sleep, you need to focus on a position that provides you and your baby with sufficient room to breathe. Don’t forget to choose Warm Maternity Pregnancy Dress for a good night’s sleep.

Sleeping on your back

Your growing baby and changing body may ask you to change your sleep positions. Sleeping on your back is considered to be safe in the first trimester, but you need to be a little careful about it in the upcoming months. 

Some experts say that sleeping on your back throughout the night can be a dangerous thing. In most cases, this is not possible as all the bathroom trips and insomnia can keep you awake and/or taking turns.

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The bottom line

Of course, there are endless things to worry about when you are pregnant, and your sleep position should not be on top of the list. Consult your doctor if there are some questions striking in your mind.


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