Some amazing baby skincare tips for winters!

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Winter is looming around the corner and the change in season can be unpleasant and irritating for your little one's skin. After all, a baby's skin is an epitome of softness, so delicate. This is the reason why your baby needs and deserves some extra care and attention in such weather. So, we have got you covered with some amazing tips to keep your baby's skin soft and healthy in winters.

Baby skincare tips for winters

Check out these tips and keep your baby happy!

Dress your baby in layers

It takes a while for babies to learn to regulate their body temperature, it is important that babies should feel neither too cold nor too hot. If babies are too heavily swaddled, they can still get heat rashes, regardless of how cold the weather is. Dressing your baby in layers is the right way as it will allow you to add or subtract clothes as needed. Choose the right baby wear and it's half the job done. For instance, if you are taking your baby out, visiting any near and dear ones, or the doctor, covering your baby in a swaddle wrapper can be the right choice to make.

Lip protection

You need to ensure that your baby's lips are protected from everything except your kisses! Cold weather can make your baby's nose and lips chapped and raw. Make use of reliable petroleum jelly, especially when you are taking your baby out.

Avoid frequent bathing

Baby's skin can get dried out so quickly, and frequent baths can increase the chances of dryness. It's fine to bathe the baby once a day, make sure that you use warm water, it should not be too hot. In addition, to keep your baby's skin clean, you can gentle sponge baths and wipe down with damp washcloths. Get the right baby bathtub for hassle-free baby bathing.

Make use of baby specific products

Products made for adults come with unwanted chemicals, unnatural ingredients that can harm and cause skin irritation in babies. Remember, even the shampoos and soaps made for older children may not be safe for infants. It is always advisable to make use of the right mitten and booties.

Proper skin moisturization

Especially in the first few years of your baby's skin growth, proper moisturization is important. Not only in winters, but proper baby skin care is a year-round responsibility. Baby oil and/or coconut oil are the safest and purest options to provide your baby's skin with the required moisturization and nourishment.

Use sunscreen

You must be using sunscreen in summer, but it's not only important in summer, but sunscreen is useful to prevent skin damage from the winter sun. Sunscreen works wonders and provides the required nourishment.


When you come back home after a walk with your baby in a stroller, and if your baby is wearing a cap, take off your infant's cap and you will see some flakes of skin.  It is caused by the oil glands in the baby’s scalp and it usually goes away within a few months.

See a doctor when needed

Though most skin problems can be resolved with proper care, if you are in doubt, meet your doctor and you will get the right suggestions.

Final words

Hope these tips will help you keep your baby's skin soft and healthy, don't forget to share with other moms!


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