Coconut water during pregnancy: Benefits, side effects, and everything you must know!

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Straight from Mother Nature, a natural drink in its purest form, coconut water is a health powerhouse having all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and the benefits of coconut water during pregnancy are endless! Yes, it is a fact that the choice of food and drinks should be very selective when you are pregnant, even your health professional will urge you to drink coconut water during pregnancy.

Some amazing benefits of coconut water during pregnancy

Check out these benefits of coconut water and stay away from myths!

Keeps you healthy and active!

Expecting moms need to live a healthy and active lifestyle, and coconut water helps you achieve the energy you need. Coconut water is rich in dietary fiber and low in sugar and offers all the energy would-be-moms need to enjoy her day. Coconut water also contains amino acids which are building blocks of proteins, a great source of natural energy!

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Coconut water gives you relief from indigestion and heartburn

Heartburn is common, especially during the first and third trimester; hormonal changes can be blamed for the same. It is important to note that heartburn in the last trimester can be due to pressure on the stomach. In all the situations, coconut water is a perfect solution as it neutralizes the acid formed in the stomach, helping you find relief from indigestion and heartburn.

Relives joint pain

Expecting mothers go through many physical changes and this often leads to joint and muscle pain. Coconut water has a good amount of magnesium and that helps in relaxing the nervous system and muscles and hence, it helps you find relief from muscle and joint pain.

Decreases urinary tract infection (UTI)

Coconut water is regarded as a natural diuretic. Coconut water keeps the urinary tract free from infections by increasing the flow of urine that ultimately decreases the chances of UTI. The toxins from the body keep flushing when you urinate more and that's where the chances of UTI decrease. In addition to this, coconut water is healthy for your kidneys as it prevents stone formation and infection.

Helpful for developing fetus

A healthy diet during pregnancy is important and it is no secret. Coconut water must be an important part of pregnancy as it helps the developing fetus by providing all the essential nutrients.

The best time to drink coconut water

In the early hours of the day, naturally occurring electrolytes and nutrients are best absorbed. So, the best time to drink coconut water is mornings! 

Side effects and important things

·         Coconut water is recommended for pregnant women experiencing pre-eclampsia as it contains sodium.

·         Remember, too much of anything is never good and even coconut water is recommended to be consumed in moderate quantity!

·         Coconut water is not a substitute for normal water.

·         You need to ensure that the straw that you use is clean, or you can pour coconut water in a clean glass.

·         Pregnancy is not the right time for experiments, so if you have an allergy towards coconut water, don't drink it!

The bottom line

Now, when you know all the benefits of coconut water during pregnancy, include it in your diet in moderate quantity and enjoy a healthy pregnancy! 

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