The Fifth Month Of The Pregnancy

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Welcome again!! I hope you all are doing fine.

Half of the pregnancy journey is covered with the end of the fourth month of pregnancy and here we enter the fifth month i.e., the second month of the second trimester of your pregnancy. That was a great jingle right! Hahaha… okay! Jokes apart let me introduce to you the fifth-month challenges and tips to overcome them. So, I am not going to waste any more of your precious time. Let’s start digging deeper about our baby’s development and our body changes in detail during this month that is from week 18 to 21 of your pregnancy.

baby developement

Week 18:

Baby’s Development:

Here, our baby’s growth speed starts to slow down but they start to become more active, mainly in the evening. She starts sleeping and wake up. Our baby’s taste buds reached a growth where she can now distinguish between sweet and bitter. The sensitivity of retinas also increases as they can move to shield against any bright light focused on our abdomen. Our baby can now swallow too as the digestive system starts working. This week, our baby’s ear completes its formation and starts hearing the sound of blood rushing through the umbilical cord and she can listen to our heartbeat too. 

Mom’s Body Development:

This week you will suffer from swollen hands and feet which will continue throughout pregnancy with frequent and severe legs cramps. Uneasiness and anxiousness feeling will increase resulting in sleeping problems. You might suffer from frequent nosebleed due to increased blood pressure. And the main event that will happen during this week is that you can feel the kicking of your baby!

Week 19:

Baby’s Development:

This week, our baby’s body starts forming a greasy white covering which is called vernix, around itself that protects and keeps them warm while dipped in the amniotic sac. This naturally shed before birth. The baby’s skin becomes more transparent and appears red as the blood vessels become visible from the skin. At this phase, our baby’s all five senses in the brain are completely developed and our baby’s heartbeat becomes fast i.e., almost double our heartbeat.

Mom’s Body Development:

The hip pains start its visit with the abdominal and leg cramps which occurs due to the weight of the baby. The swelling of legs and ankles will stay. You might feel dizziness and lack of energy as a result of the constant pressure on the veins which are common in many mothers-to-be.

Week 20:

Baby’s Development:

Within this week, our baby’s head is almost becoming fit for the body. The twisting, turning, and kicking of the baby will become more frequent. By the end of this month, our baby weighs about 300-500 grams and measures about 10 inches, facial features become more distinct. They start to react to outer stimuli too like if you are in a place which is noisy, the baby might be surprised and might even jump and give you a kick.

Mom’s Body Development:

This week, you will have a severe case of constipation or heartburn as our digestive system is pushed by the baby. You will also feel shortness of breath which is the result of the expansion of our uterus which puts pressure on the lungs. Slight swelling will be with you until your pregnancy which should subside after the delivery.

WEEK 21:

Baby’s development:

From this week onwards our baby’s digestive system starts growing at rapid speed. It also gets ready to produce the ‘first potty’ on the first diaper of the baby (scientifically known as meconium). Teeth buds for permanent teeth also start generating at the gums. Baby starts to move in our womb more often and more intensely.

Mom’s body development:

For us, you might feel slight contractions as that the sign, our uterus begins its preparation for delivery from now. You will start to notice a leak from your breast as that indicates the maturation of the breast. If you are thinking about why this early? Our body prepares this condition in case the baby might be born prematurely. Fascinating right! Your stretch marks become more defined as the skin is being pulled more often and becomes thinner. You might still suffer from heartburn and indigestion which might persist for more weeks. Within all these suffering, you will get to feel your baby move more from this week. Due to drastic hormonal changes, it leads to skin sensitivity, making your body prone to skin allergy and rashes. Wearing clothes made out of the right fabric is imperative if you want to avoid any type of skin irritation. Try HunyHuny Maternity feeding friendly Tops& Tees this will rescue you from this situation.

hunyhuny tops

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Advice For The Fifth Month Of The Pregnancy:

  • Keep doing your tailored pregnancy exercise for backaches and leg cramps to keep yourself active and ease the pain, take rest.
  • This month, blood flow increases, it is essential to maintain proper blood flow in the body. Make sure the blood pressure doesn’t get high. 
  • Stop being paranoid and enjoy the ride of pregnancy.
  • Be mindful while changing positions. 
  • In case you feel dizzy, sit down, and lower your head. Drink sufficient amount of fluids.
  • Start sleeping on your side than at the back as the baby might get pressed against the veins in the back which will cause a blockage in the blood flow resulting in dizziness or lightheadedness.
  • As baby starts to listen, be careful of sound around you. It is recommended to start talking to the belly so that your baby recognizes the voice after birth, listen to soothing music.
  •  Start massaging the belly with coconut oil to avoid stretch marks and itchiness. Take help from your husband, he will be happy to help as well as bond with the baby.
  • Drink plenty of water to ease the swelling.
  • As fifth-month marks as a half-way point of pregnancy, it is advisable to do a detailed check-up with your doctor to make sure your baby and you are in excellent condition and of course, the course of pregnancy is healthy.

What Foods to Eat During the Fifth Month of Pregnancy:

pregnancy food

During this fifth month, you need to intake a minimum of 347 extra calories per day and have to gain about one or two pounds of weight. To meet the requirement, you will need protein and calcium. Here are the foods which you have to add on your ongoing pregnancy diet;

Protein-Rich Food:

Protein ensures a healthy and proper baby’s physical development. Pulses, cereals, seed and nuts, chickpeas, cottage cheese, and tofu are good sources of fetch some protein.

Whole Grains:

They have a high concentration of magnesium, iron, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B complex. Choose the products which are made of whole grains.

Calcium-Rich Foods:

We all know, calcium is an essential element for the development of strong bones and teeth for all human beings and the unborn baby too. Calcium will ensure a strong skeletal system for your baby. Kiwi, mulberries, dried figs, sesame seed, paneer, yogurt, and dates are the few good sources of calcium-rich foods.

High Fiber Food:

It is very important for constipation which is a very common and well-known problem during pregnancy. It greatly eases the journey. Fruits and vegetables, oats, barley, nuts, and wheat are foods that are rich in fiber.

Stay Hydrated:

Water is generally the essential need of human beings and it becomes vital during pregnancy. It prevents constipation and urinary tract infection. It also helps to detoxify your body and maintain perfect water balance during pregnancy.

Foods to Avoid During the Fifth Month Of Pregnancy:

We know you have a list of foods you have to avoid during pregnancy, do remember to include the following foods in that list. 

Carbonated Drinks:

These fizzy drinks contain a large number of unhealthy calories, sugar, and caffeine. Switch them with fresh fruit juices. It will be better if you stick with plain water, coconut water, or fresh lime water.

Certain Fruits And Vegetables:

Fruits like pineapples, pomegranates, and papayas are harmful to your baby. They cause uterine contractions that lead to miscarriages. Avoid black grapes too, as they increase heat in your body which harms the baby in your womb. Vegetables such as cabbage and lettuce- carry foodborne illnesses, while eggplant- stimulate menses (period) resulting in abortions in pregnancies.

Herbal Teas:

Certain herbal teas ingredients such as kava, angelica, mugwort, black and blue cohos are very harmful to both you and your baby and herbs like black walnut, fenugreek, horsetail, licorice root senna, and wormwood are some which cause miscarriages. So, please be mindful of them.

So, that was the detailed development of your baby and yourself which happens in the second month of your second trimester with required food intakes. To know about the sixth month i.e last month of the second trimester of the pregnancy, stay tuned and follow us at HunyHuny.com.

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