Everything you need to know about back pain during pregnancy

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Stepping into the journey of pregnancy is beautiful, and of course, challenging. Moms-to-be are more likely to indulge in reading books, magazines, and other online resources to collect information about pregnancy, babies, and dealing with the common physical and emotional changes during the period. The main goal, doubtlessly, is a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Some common topics you would like to read include:

·        When breastfeeding will be your very first experience

·         How to deal with skin dryness during pregnancy

·         Dealing with postpartum depression

·         Pregnancy workouts to induce labor naturally

·         Choosing the right maternity wear

·         Some pregnancy facts

·         Superfoods to eat when you are pregnant, and a lot more.

We've got you covered with all these topics, but it is important not to neglect a common symptom of pregnancy that most women complain about- back pain during pregnancy! So, let's cover this important topic too.

Is it common to experience back pain during pregnancy?

In simple words, yes! Back pain is a common symptom and more than two-thirds of women experience severe back pain during this period. In some women, back pain can start in the early stage of pregnancy and can remain throughout the pregnancy. Sometimes, back pain can be severe and can cause trouble even after the baby is born.

Some common reasons behind back pain during pregnancy

When your baby grows, you are more likely to lean backward as you want to prevent yourself from falling forward. This little change in your body posture can lead to strain on your lower back and cause back pain.

·         High-heeled footwear can also be a major cause of back pain, and it's risky during pregnancy as high heels can lead to slip and fall.

·         You need to be careful while lifting objects during pregnancy, when you bend, it can put pressure on your back region and lead to back pain.

·         Emotional stress can also cause discomfort in the back muscles.

·         Some other reasons that can lead to back pain include the shifting of the center of gravity, weight gain, muscular imbalances- all these can contribute to back pain. 

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Important tips for back pain during pregnancy

Let's take a look at how to find relief from back pain during pregnancy.

Swimming works well

Swimming is one of the most effective exercises for back pain, it strengthens your lower back and abdominal muscles and eliminates strains from ligaments and joints. Swimming during pregnancy needs to be done carefully, consult your doctor before entering the swimming pool.

Weight training

Pregnancy workouts such as weight training can also help to reduce back pain. Weight training is one of the finest ways to add strength to your legs, muscle, and back. Consult a professionally trained instructor and take doctors' approval before attempting any exercise.

Walking and stretching

Here are a couple of simple and effective exercises, walking and stretching can do all the magic. When you stretch and walk, it adds flexibility to your muscles that support your back and legs while helping you in balancing. It can work wonders if you add walking and stretching to your daily routine.

Buy the right accessories

As mentioned earlier, your footwear can also play a role in back pain, make sure to buy the right pregnancy wear and footwear so that you can maintain a good body posture and keep back pain at bay.

Good sleep is important

How you sleep will also have an impact on your back, correct sleep posture is vital to eliminate back pain. It is advisable to avoid sleeping on your back, sleep on your side while keeping your legs bent. If needed, you can use pillows to provide you with support.

The bottom line

Finally, you are aware of what causes back pain during pregnancy and how to find relief, share this useful information with would-be-moms, and stay safe!



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