Some entrepreneurship lessons to learn from your mom!

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A mom is a reflection of wow! And, what a mom does for a family is something that can never be described in words. Even if she's a homemaker, she is doing a 24x7 job of taking great care of the family and loving everyone unconditionally! The household chores a mom deal with, day in and day out, may seem easy but trust me, it's one of the toughest jobs in the world. It's a lot more stressful, tiring, and frustrating than an eight-hours-a-day desk job, but she does it all comfortably, with a smile on her face, because she's a MOM! So, today, I'm presenting a list of some crucial entrepreneurship lessons that a mom teaches you when she's working for you at home!

Entrepreneurship lessons to learn from your mother!

So, check out the list and start learning from your mom!

Time management

Have you ever noticed she's a lot more accurate than an alarm! How perfectly a mom manages time for waking everyone up, preparing the breakfast, getting your tiffins ready while dealing with all the chores of the world. Every single task of her is time-bound, for instance, if you reach to the office 10 minutes late, that's not going to be a big issue, but if she's 10 minutes late to prepare your lunch or to take children to the school bus stop, that's surely going to be problematic! Have you ever noticed this?

Consistency and patience 

How long and consistently can you do the same job, time and time again, without getting frustrated? Of course, it's probably 15 days or a month or so, but there will surely be a time when you'll get frustrated and you'll need something new!

What about a mom? She's performing the same job of nurturing the family, physically, mentally, emotionally, with all the love in the world, for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and beyond! Sometimes I wonder where do moms get all the power to do it, though I realize she can do anything as she's MOM!

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Entrepreneurs know how important it is to understand the feelings of others, especially the employees and clients, it's important to retain them all as they are your team. You will need a one-on-one conversation to know what your employees need. But when we talk about a mom, she will simply see your face and tell you that there's something wrong. She knows every single member of her family so well and no one can understand the feeling better than her.

Prioritizing and multitasking

This is obvious; two clients at a time or a couple of back to back meetings can make even the dedicated entrepreneurs feel tired, if not frustrated. You may often miss a deadline but mom doesn't, she knows how to prioritize things and work. She truly works like a machine, you will have a difficult time to count how many tasks she does so swiftly and she makes it look so easy!

Stress management

A simple 9 to 5 job in which you have a few clients to handle or some emails to send, or some meetings to attend, you'll reach home and you'll need some rest, you'll need something cooked and served, simply because you are tired, stressed. How many times did your mom tell you to do something for her as she's feeling tired? Don't even think about it, she knows how to manage her work better and keep stress at bay, all while doing more tasks done than you, and working for a longer duration than you. Ask her how she does it!


Okay, deal! It's the easiest thing to say and get things moving, no? Have you ever noticed how well your mom does the bargaining when she is out shopping? Did you ever notice how well she manages the budget for the whole family, securing something for everyone? As I said earlier, she can do anything as she's a mom!

Final words

You don't always need the mother's day to arrive when you want to thank your mom for everything or present a gift, of course, she's expecting it when it's mother's day.

Try thanking her on an odd day when she's not expecting it.

Try presenting a greeting card letting her know how special she is.

Cook for her what she loves to eat.

Do that small thing that makes her happy, brings a smile on her face!

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