Some impressive things a man can do for his pregnant wife! (Part- 2)

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Welcome back, would-be-dad, here are a few more things you should be doing for your pregnant wife.

Things a man must do for his pregnant wife

Your job is not done yet, check out these things to do.

Go for a walk

Soon you'll be going for a walk with your wife and baby when your baby will be enjoying the ride in a baby stroller. But, before that, your wife needs some walking. Go for a walk with her, hold her hand every second (Yes, you know how she wants you to), and make sure she's safe on every step she takes.

Help in cleaning and cooking

No matter how bad you are at cooking, don't make her deal with all the chores when she is already dealing with a lot. A little bit of help in the kitchen is surely sufficient to provide her with the rest she needs, and also to make her fall in love with you again.

When a man assists or cooks in the kitchen to comfort his wife, it's such a lovely moment for a wife and it fills her with delight.

Adjust according to her mood swings

Understand her mood swings, and don't blame her, don't start shouting at her for being moody. Blame her hormones that are making her mind and heart play hide and seek.

At times, and even many times, she may find herself clueless about how to deal with her own emotions.  One day she'll be absolutely fine while the other day she may bite your head off as soon as you open your mouth. You got to be patient and even take a couple of punches and kicks if she wants to.

Create memories

One thing that she loves and will always be ready for, some selfies with you, probably making some crazy faces or kissing her belly. More importantly, these pictures during pregnancy are the best memories to cherish for the rest of your life, so always be a good cameraman and take some beautiful pictures with your wife.

Ask her what she needs from you

Remember, now she's pregnant, she has all the rights to be a little different. She might have a lot to say, and she might be waiting for you to ask- what happened? Do you want something? You never know how peaceful she might feel with little words you tell her, and the little care you do for her. So, don't hesitate to get the maternity wear that supports her throughout pregnancy if she asks to.

Make sure she's getting enough sleep

When she has a life inside, she might be awake at an unexpected time, or you may find her sleeping for more hours than usual. It's not her fault, it's her body's demand to repair, heal, and refresh. Don't be a reason behind her sleepless nights, be her comfortable pillow on which she can enjoy a good night's sleep, and watch some lovely dreams.

Tell her she's beautiful

Yes, your woman may be worried about her looks and shape, her body odor that changes during pregnancy, it's hormones not her, so don't forget that she's taking all this to give you a family and you should be proud of it. Tell her she's beautiful, of course, she is as she has all the pregnancy glow.

Kiss her belly

Sometimes, little things make a big difference. Kiss her belly and let her know she should be, and you are proud of it. Yes, your wife can be a little worried about her growing belly, she may have concerns in her mind about how she will get back to her pre-pregnancy shape, though it's completely fine and it's a husband's duty to make her feel loved, make her feel comfortable, and let her know you love her regardless of her shape.

Help her in exercises

Some workout during pregnancy is very important for both new mom and the baby. Help her in every stretch and make sure that you are always there even if she's lifting the lightest of weights, or performing the easiest of exercise. Be the support she needs when she's performing her exercises.

Don't forget to consult the doctor about the workout she can do when she's pregnant.

Pick and answer her calls immediately

This might be an emergency, or she may have seen a beautiful and comfortable baby bed cot or baby wear online, or all she might want is to listen to your voice, pick her call immediately, and answer. Know from her voice if she needs you with her, yes you can reschedule a few of your tasks just to be there with her when she needs you, even for no reason at all.

Be with her on every doctor's visit

Hey, you're visiting a doctor? Who's going with you? GOOD!

Hey, you have an appointment, remember? I'll be there shortly! BEST!

Not everything needs a detailed explanation!

Adjust your sex life

Your lovemaking sessions have already paid off and the result is right in front of you.

At times, she can be horny, aroused, or excited, wanting you to make love like never before, and there can be a time when doesn't want you to give sex a try and just sleep peacefully on your chest. Don't force her to satisfy your physical needs when her mood is a total mess.

Read some books

Her mind might be dealing with many unwanted thoughts, it's your duty to distract her mind and provide her with peace. Read some books with her, watch some movies, do anything she needs to keep her mind calm.

Don't fight, don't you dare!

No matter how much she has adjusted to you and your stupidities pre-pregnancy, now she may not be able to it because she has a responsibility and hundreds of thoughts in her mind. So, now it's your turn to ensure that she doesn't get unnecessary things and issues to deal with. Spoiling her mood, making her cry, is going to affect your baby too, hope it's enough to make you realize how important it is to keep her calm and happy.

Final words

All these things are what a pregnant wife needs and deserves, make sure she's happy and safe throughout the pregnancy and beyond.


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