Celebrating Children's Day

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Special Day Dedicated Exclusively For Children, Celebrated Every Year As A Tribute To Our First Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.

It’s that time of the year again! The only special day dedicated exclusively for children throughout the year in India, is Children’s Day on November 14th. Chacha Nehru’s birthday has always been anticipated by children of all ages. But for parents of babies under one year old, who can barely be considered children and toddlers, it’s always difficult to find entertainment for their munchkins. For the mommies and daddies who want to do something special for their little ones, here’s a few ideas: 

children picnic

Picnic: Do something meaningful on children's day and pack up the whole family for a picnic/field trip. Pack some cut fruits, cheese, crackers, juices, some homemade finger foods or organic snacks for your little one to munch on. Babies are always curious about the great outdoors and it gives them immense exposure to new experiences so it can be a fun day out for you and your baby! 

activities with kids

Activities: Many malls, parks and children café hold special celebrations on children’s day. Interacting with their peers is beneficial to your baby’s social life. Although some events aren’t baby friendly, there are always some cafés that have baby & parent connection games and toys to entertain your toddler.Strap your toddler in HunyHuny Luxurious Stroller Pram and zoom off to your nearest activity Center. 

toddler swimming

Swimming: Try something new on this special day! Swimming is always an important life skill and it’s best to get started on it very early! Don your baby in adorable swimwear & protective gears and check-in to your nearest toddler pool. Mommies & Daddies can teach their little ones to swim while relaxing in the pool themselves. This is a hands-on activity that is sure to help you bond with your baby deeper. 

baby photoshoot

Photo shoot: Photos are meant to commemorate special occasions and what better day to commemorate than the annual children’s day? Dress up your little Prince or Princess in suits, dresses or traditional clothes and invite professionals to capture their cuteness! Family photos or individual photo ops are fun and you can dress up your little one as Nehru to add a special meaning to this day. Make sure to dress them up with cute accessories to take the pictures .

shopping with kids

Shopping: If all of the above is too time-consuming for you, a simple shopping trip to your nearest mall will work too! Buckle up your toddler in their stroller and wander around to your heart's content. Many brands and marts have a children's day discount so be sure to check them out! It’s a great day to buy the necessities or toys you’ve always wanted to get for your baby. Making your baby happy is mentally satisfying for parents and there’s always a few activities that you might encounter on your trip, which might be a novel experience for your toddler. 

Do any of you have fun and novel ideas for children's day? Be sure to share with HunyHuny! Like this post and comment down below your suggestions. 

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