Mother's Day For The New Mom In Self-Isolation Period

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First of all, congratulations on your baby’s birth. Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of the month of May every year, to honour and appreciate every mom in the world. And a new mom’s very first Mother’s Day with her little one is deserving to celebrate even when you are in quarantine. Make her feel special and if your mind gets blank and doesn’t have any idea for where to start? Don’t worry, we HunyHuny family has put together some ideas to make that amazing lady’s special day, more special (special tips for husbands).

#1. Being a new mom, the thing which she definitely lacks is her sleep. So, let her take rest as much as possible even at least for one day. Help her to take care of her baby and let her catch up to her sleep. Pamper her by giving a body massage for her tired body. While you are at it, if you can, do add pedicure and manicure too. 

#2. If you can cook, then cook her favourite food for the whole day. If you can’t then, don’t worry, a simple meal like cereals, soups, sandwiches, and frozen waffles will do. Serving breakfast and coffee or tea (whichever she prefers) in the bed will do the wonders too. You can’t cook at all at least you can help her with cooking for the day. Make her feel appreciated and an important person in your life. Share her burden and make a room for her to breathe. 

#3. Make a playlist of her favourite songs. This will help her relax and enjoy her time. You can arrange a mini dance program to make it more fun and enjoyable.

#4. You can give her a flower or a bouquet made of flowers, chocolates, photographs, etc to show her your appreciation and love.

#5. You can give her a gift with a personal touch with her baby's handprint, or footprint, or it can be both on a handmade card. You can take prints with organic homemade colours made-up of fruits and vegetable juice like Tomato pulp, Spinach juice, Pomegranate juice, Turmeric paste, etc. Later on, you can frame this card to treasure forever and cherish the lockdown memories. 

#6. You can gift her a handmade album where she can track her baby’s growth.

#7. You can give her a gift which you think she needed or wanted for a long time.

#8. You can help her to at least cross one wish from her wish-list bucket.

#9. You can make Mother’s Day a family photoshoot day to show her, how much she is treasured in the family. 

#10. You can throw her a surprise party with all the family members (if they are present in the house) and also add fun actives like games that you both like to play, dance, and can sing her favourite song for her.

#11. You can present her with handmade coupons that she can use any time she like as free massage, free cleaning, free dishes, free laundry, and free babysitting. It can be anything that you can do.

#12. Planning an outing, that doesn’t mean you have to go outside in this Coronavirus outbreak, HunyHuny highly recommends you not to go outside especially with a baby. Plan a simple picnic with your wife and baby, and enjoy it in your backyard or in the garden. If you don’t have a backyard or garden, don’t worry you can enjoy it in your balcony too. Make her feel as she is in an outing and no pandemic exists in this time, enjoy it to your fullest

#13. Write a letter to express your feelings for her, describe how special she is for you. How thankful you are and how much you appreciate her in your life. It will mean the world to her. 

To make a mother happy is very simple. She doesn’t need any luxury to feel happy. She only needs some respect, your understanding, appreciation and acknowledgement, which doesn’t cost a cent only your time. And lastly want to be treated with dignity and honour.

Do share these tips with your friends and family, especially your husband, after all, he will be the host for the day and help them make the special day a memorable one.

Share with us how was your Mother’s Day special in the comment box below. Have a wonderful day!!!


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