How parents' fight can affect a child mentally and emotionally?

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In this article, you will come to know how witnessing regular fights between parents can affect a child mentally and emotionally.

No relationship is perfect, and there are no two ways about it. No matter how well you (couple) understand each other, or how healthy your relationship is, disagreements and arguments are a part of every relationship. Of course, arguments can also be helpful at times, they make a couple realize and accept the differences and end up being on the same page (until it's not extreme).

But, it is very important to understand the fact that fighting when you don't have kids, and couple fights when they are parents are two completely different scenarios. The roles and responsibilities of couples change by leaps and bounds when they become parents, fighting in front of kids can adversely affect the children both mentally, and emotionally.       

Important note: It is important to realize that kid's minds are highly sensitive, and even a small argument between parents can have a major impact on their minds and behaviors! 

How fighting parents affect children?

Sometimes, parents may not realize how badly their fights can impact kids, here are a few things to remember before you argue in front of your kids!

The environment of your living space turns stressful

When we talk about married life, the argument is common. From parenting styles to working at home, married couples can fight about anything and everything, and these fights can turn nasty without any notice. When kids see such nasty fights, it can be categorized into child abuse, a stressful environment at home can adversely affect a child’s mental and physical health.

Health problems in children

Health problems in children

No parents would like to see their kids suffering, physically o mentally, but when your arguments take place in front of the kids, it can make children feel anxious or depressed. This, in turn, can lead to health issues in children such as headaches, eating less or over-eating (which again can lead to stomach ache). Moreover, children can have issues falling asleep due to the stress they deal with watching their parents fight.

Behavioral problems

Parental conflicts can have a major impact on how kids behave, they may be either too silent or too aggressive. Additionally, children may face issues adjusting in school, social problems, problems connecting with other children of the same age, they may find it difficult to trust people, and a lot more.

Kids may have a negative outlook on life

Sometimes, it's more than just a physical and mental effect, it can turn the whole life of your children upside down, everything for them can be negative and they may start hating their life! Such metal effects on kids can be long-lasting and can take a long time to recover from the stress and trauma kids face. This negative outlook towards life can stay with your kids for years or maybe forever, parents need to keep these important things in mind before they argue in front of kids.

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It decreases cognitive performance in kids

decreases cognitive performance in kids

The same has been proven in studies that when kids live in high-conflict homes, it adversely affects the cognitive performance of kids. Children may face difficulty focusing, remembering things, and paying attention to important things. The ability of kids to resolve problems can lead to lower performance and grades in school.

Kids can be aggressive and cruel

Children may have their own way to cope up with the emotional stress they face when setting parents fight. Kids can harm themselves or their behavior can be cruel for insects or animals due to the emotional pain they go through. This is a bad effect on kids' mental health as in the age when they should learn about insects or animals and learn the meaning of kindness, they become cruel due to emotional stress.

Final words

It is important to know how severely couple fights can harm kids, resolving conflicts in person makes absolute sense so that your fights don't affect the kids physically, mentally, and emotionally!

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