Make This Mother's Day Memorable And Special For Your Mother

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Mother's Day is a day dedicated to all brave warriors aka mothers in the universe. A day appreciates her undying and unyielding love to support us without wanting anything in return for her whole life. A day to celebrate in honouring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and her influence in society. Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908. Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother at St Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. In 1914 it becomes a custom to celebrate the second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day and a national holiday to honour mothers. Now, it’s adopted by 40+ countries worldwide. 

As the saying goes- “God can’t be everywhere, therefore, he created mothers.” Mother’s love is always everlasting and unconditional. The bond between a mother and her child is very unique and everlasting. She does everything within their power to give us a better and happy life. She polishes and moulds us to bring our best to become a better person. Moms are the blessing! 

Here are some amazing tips to make your mom feel special even in this quarantine without pinching the pocket:

1. Cook for (or with) with your mother

cook with mother

If you know how to cook then this will be very easy for you. Just make your mom’s favourite food to make the day exceptional. This is one of the ways to adore her. You can serve her breakfast in the bed. If you don’t know how to cook, don’t worry just prepare some simple meals like cereals, soups, sandwiches, and frozen waffles will do. In a single line, serve your mother a homemade meal. She will definitely feel happy. Remember to clean up afterwards while she rests. Or you can cook with your mother too, in this way you can spend some quality time with your mother.

2. Make a Mother's Day Bouquet

mother's day

Take advantage of the spring season. Gather different types of flowers from gardens or any places where you can find flowers. Make a special bouquet. You can also take help from the virtual online classes if you don’t have any idea about flower arrangement. If flower bouquet looks very common to you and wanna do something different, then try making the below exceptional bouquets:

•Make a bouquet of chocolates.: If your moms favourite chocolates are not available don’t worry, make it with her favourite homemade sweets.

•You can also make a bouquet of photos, which have memories of both of you. If you have any new ideas of yourself for Mother’s Day bouquet, comment us below in the comment box.  

3. Handmade card

card for mom

You can give your mother a handmade card or can add it with your special Mother’s Day bouquet. Be creative and give your card a personal taste where you can write a simple message to show your appreciation and how much she means to you, like “Thank you mom”, “I Love you”, “Thank You for being in my life”, or anything you want to say to her but couldn’t because you feel shy to speak your feelings to her, don’t worry that’s normal for many children. So, take this chance while giving her the card try to say it too. You can also make a card having yours as well your mom’s handprint or footprint or both with colours. If you don’t have colours, you can make homemade colours with the simple ingredients in your kitchen like turmeric paste, beetroot juice, pomegranate juice, tomato paste, and many more, you can frame this card to cherish this lockdown period later on your journey of a beautiful life. Don’t forget to give your mom a “Jaadu ki jhapi”. I think everyone should know what a jaadu ki jhapi ??  if you don’t then that means a simple hug full of love.

4. Make a scrapbook


Make a special scrapbook by gathering a few special pictures which have your favourite memories of her. Dig your old photo boxes and albums. Put your imagination in work to make it fun. Take your mom for a loving trip down memory lane which all moms love to do.

5. Massage

Make your mom take some rest and pamper her by giving a facial or body massage for her tired body. While you are at it, if you can, do add pedicure and manicure too. 

6. Give Handmade coupons

mother's day coupon

Give her some handmade coupons that she can use to make you do home chores like free dishes, free cleaning, free babysitting (if you have younger siblings), free laundry, etc. it can be anything that you can do. Make the coupons as simple or as fancy you like.

7. Plan Outing

Planning an outing doesn’t mean you have to go outside in this Coronavirus outbreak, HunyHuny highly recommends you not to go outside especially with your mother concerning her age. Plan a simple picnic with your mother and enjoy it in your backyard or in the garden. If you don’t have a backyard or garden, don’t worry you can enjoy it in your balcony too. Make her feel as she is in an outing and no pandemic exists in this time, enjoy it to your fullest. 

8. Sing and Play Games with your mother

You don’t have to be tuned, just pick your mom’s favourite or any song which you can relate to with her or you want to dedicate that song to her. Sing it. That can become a fun and enjoyable moment for her and as well you. It will add another chapter to your memorable memories. Play games which your mom will like to play like Bingo, Ludo, Carrom, etc. Do remember to invite all the family members, if they are present in the house to make it more fun and exciting. Avoid inviting people from outside.

9. Family Photoshoot

family trip

You can make this day as a day for a family photoshoot. Don’t hire a professional photographer for this. Give this lockdown a personal touch by becoming a photographer yourself. Make it enjoyable and fun by taking pictures in a weird pose or using any props or can use any weird theme also, like your mom will be queen and you all will be her subordinate. To make her feel special, make her the centre of attraction in every picture. 

10. Decorate a special room for her

my mom's room

Give your mom a surprise by decorating a room especially for her. You can use leftover decorations from any occasion like Diwali, litchi bulbs, colourful wall hangings, scented candles, etc. Add handmade decorations too like paper crafts, flower bouquet, anything from which you like to decorate. If there are more family members present in the house, gather them all and throw a party for your mom in that room. Remember to clean up afterwards. If you forget then it will become extra work for your mother and she will not be able to enjoy it to her heart content.

11. Write a Letter

Write a letter to your mom. Express all the feelings, describe why you feel she is special. You can write everything you want your mom to know but couldn’t tell her or you forget to tell her. Anything. Be sure to thank her for being such a wonderful person and parent and to support you for everything.  It will mean the world to her.

Keeping aside these ideas, the best gift for your mother will be your respect, your loyalty, your time, and mainly your appreciation and acknowledgement for her work. Because she earned it and deserve it. Include her in your life, and always make her feel welcome and needed. Treat her with utmost dignity and honour.

Do share this write-up with your friends and family and help them make their Mother’s Day a memorable one.

Share with us how you made your Mother’s Day special for her in the comment box below. Have a wonderful day!!!


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