The 5 Simple Considerations Behind A Happy Babymoon!

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India got the trend of celebrating babymoons in 2017 itself. 

That's good news!

But, how many of us had stocked a bundle of joy during babymoons? Very few. I guess.

Do you know why? 

But, Before that, let me simplify this.

What is a Babymoon?

Babymoon is a vacation for baby expecting couples before they turn out as parents. It's a pre-baby tour. It's not just a hug and kiss expression of your happiness for pregnancy, but a trip to destress from your usual routine and gestation burnouts.

A newborn's arrival will bring tons of happiness, and no doubt, it will make your family feel complete. But, life after the baby for a few months at least will take away your sleep, food, and energy. On a healthy note, this is so common, and sacrificing for the baby is what everyone does. 

So, a babymoon is one last vacation as a couple before you have a family. 

It is still less popular in India because 

• Unaware of this trend among different family cultures.

• Investment in trips (as many will probably save funds for the hospital expenses and getting newborn baby kits).

• Health risk (travelling with a bulged stomach for a few days is stressful).

Why Babymoon?

It helps a lot. As partners, you can feel relaxed and refresh yourself during the babymoon. It

makes you feel happier and strengthens the couple's relationship.

Exploring natural or calm places during the pregnancy will boost your physical and mental well-being. The relaxed feel will keep your hormones and heartbeat in place. You can self-observe your body and mind and let the baby stay comfy for a while.

Turn your babymoon into the most unforgettable trip!

1. Best time for a babymoon trip!

 It is good to go in your second trimester for a babymoon.

In the First trimester, you might have encountered nausea, vomiting, and morning sickness, and in the last, you may expect your baby's birth at any time. Moreover, The International Association for Medical Assistance To Travellers says, "Avoid travel after 36 weeks". 

So, 14-28 weeks is best for vacations.

 2. Let the sightseeing options be yours!

Domestic/ International spots, it is up to your favourites. Your partner might love a place, and you can take this a good time to amaze her.

1. Choose the best babymoon package of resorts that is close to your destination and that fits your budget.

2. Avoid crowded locations or places where people gather during a festive season. 

3. Avoid High altitudes - Pregnant travellers to high altitudes may develop foetal growth restrictions due to low oxygen levels (especially after 20 weeks). 

4. Know about the occurring infectious diseases and their spread in your preferred country or location. (Like Corona outbreak)

Staycation is the best!

A staycation is a short trip, a few kilometres from your place or within your country. It is so popular among babymoon couples as it doesn't demand you for night stays, like coming back home anytime you want. And most importantly, it doesn't empty your pocket as international travel does.

For couples who feel long travel during pregnancy is nerve-racking, the staycation is the best for you.

 3. Safety comes first than anything else!

Ensuring the foetus and the mother's health is the foremost consideration while celebrating your pregnancy. 

1. Always carry your medical reports and your doctor's contact address as it may help local medical officers to do their best in times of your emergency.

2. Speak with your health expert/doctor before you plan for a trip. Discuss your plans, travel mode, and adventures you wish to try during the trip beforehand. It is always good to go with his suggestions.

4. Health tips for a safe Babymoon

1. Covid Vaccination is mandatory.

2. Have some breaks, stretches, and walks by taking halts in the middle of your travel.

3. Seat belts, lap, and shoulder belts are a necessity for protecting the unborn.

4. Drink enough fluids to remain hydrated throughout the trip as you may see varied climatic conditions.

5. Safe drinking water is a must to avoid any water-related spread of infectious diseases.

6. Pick healthy cooked food from the table.

7. Do not try heavy physical activities or adventure tasks that may risk your health.


5. Well-thought-out plans and preparation

There are plenty of luxurious and budget-friendly lodging options available specifically for your favourite destinations. So pre-book the stay as per your preference online. With the increase in babymoon celebrations among couples, resorts have plenty of exclusive packages. 

That includes

1. Maternity Photoshoot by professional photographers.

2. Spa massages

3. Yoga/Zumba/Meditation sessions

4. Customised meal combos

5. Jungle/nature walk

6. Private swimming pool

7. Beach stay/sunset walk

8. Gym facilities

9. Cycling

10. Health care centre

11. Adventure plays

12. Surprise gifts in gorgeous pouches like chocolates, wine, and cookies.

Activities that will amuse you

During the babymoon, you may try some activities like

• Sketching the art of your expecting baby with the desired features you want.

• Write a letter to your baby so that the child will know how you felt during the carrying time.

• Learn a new art like painting, cooking, and baking in a funny way.

• Go street shopping, and collect some souvenirs.

• Visit some historical places/ museums and botanical gardens as these calm places will reduce your level of anxiety.

Do tick this checklist (Pre Preparation)

Medical kit including antibiotics and multivitamins as prescribed by your gynae.

Pillows (C-shaped/U-shaped) of your requirement.

Comfortable, breathable maternity wear.

Water bottles for safe drinking water.

Skincare kit.

Sanitizers and wipes.

Travel Insurance papers.


Babymoon is a pre baby tour that you can enjoy with your partner. It enables you to enjoy your pregnancy and add more memories to share with your loved ones in the future. Despite the babymoon's fun and joy, the pregnancy journey has to be shielded for the safety of the mother and the baby.

Do safely explore your favourite places and delight in your trimester. 

Did I miss something? Please share below. Let us chat.


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