Pregnancy and coronavirus: Everything a would-be-mom must know!

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Pregnancy during the coronavirus crisis is surely stressful, but don't worry in this blog we are going to share everything a would-be-mom need to know about Pregnancy and coronavirus.


Coronavirus has turned the world upside down; the virus has spread around the globe rapidly and is now a pandemic!

World Health Organization (WHO) announced the COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic on 11 March 2020.

We are all aware of the stress, concerns, and unavoidable fear associated with coronavirus, especially for pregnant women, the fear of coronavirus is surely an anxious feeling. The current condition can make any would-be-mom feel nervous, after all, there's a life inside!

First, let's give you a sense of relief:

A large study conducted in the UK found that pregnant women are no more likely to become severely ill with COVID-19 as compared to other women.

Is it risky if you are pregnant?

Aged people, those who have secondary health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory illness, or heart-related issues are more likely to develop serious complications. For now, no study or research indicates that pregnant women are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19.

It is a mere fact that pregnant women during pregnancy experience increased heart rate, oxygen consumption, and there can be a decrease in lung capacity. pregnant women can be considered at risk (if not high risk). Hence, the focus needs to be on prevention and management.

Should you stay at home if you are pregnant?

Should you stay at home if you are pregnant?

As we all know that the situation is not easy, every individual is supposed to stay at home until going out is highly important. It is advisable for pregnant women to continue visiting their routine prenatal care appointments. Apart from this, it is sensible to avoid large crowds and follow social distancing, increase handwashing, and strictly follow the prevention protocols that are known to everyone.

If a pregnant woman contracts COVID-19, will it pass to an unborn baby?

There is no evidence available regarding the pregnant woman passing coronavirus to their fetus. As we know the fact that COVID-19 is transmitted via respiratory droplets, but in utero, an unborn baby does not receive oxygen through their respiratory system, this is the reason why cannot contract coronavirus through respiratory droplets.

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Good news!

Few reports suggest that women giving birth while testing positive for COVID-19, their babies, cord blood, amniotic fluid, and breastmilk all have been tested negative.

Reduce triage visits

It is the right step to minimize congestion in hospitals; healthcare professionals encourage parents to reduce triage visits. In some cases, it is possible for pregnant women to consult their doctors on the phone if any help is required.

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If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, contact your care provider or hospital before arriving at an office appointment or hospital to ensure proper infection control measures can be implemented.

Limiting the visitors

Of course, it is big news for the entire family, and it is very difficult to stay away from would-be-mom and the baby. But, it is wise to avoid crowd around the mom and the baby, there are possible ways to share love and blessings, without having the need to go closer to the mom and the baby.

Coronavirus and breastfeeding

Coronavirus and breastfeeding

Breast milk is incredible! No evidence found yet that suggests coronavirus entering into breast milk. It is actually supposed to be opposite, with SARS, antibodies to SARS virus were detected in cord blood as well as breast milk.

In case an infected mom wants to breastfeed her baby, it is possible to express her milk with the help of a pump. Moms should wash hands before, use a face mask while feeding, and make sure to disinfect the pump and its parts after every pumping session.

Stay home, and more importantly, stay relaxed!

Pregnancy during the coronavirus crisis is surely stressful, but would-be-moms need to realize that overthinking and stressing yourself due to coronavirus will affect your physical health and mental wellbeing, which, in turn, can invite complications that are not supposed to exist. So, it is good to stay home and relax, avoid the feelings of stress and nervousness, and encourage positivity during and after pregnancy!


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