Maternity Pants ! How to choose the best for you ?

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Being pregnant is a most wonderful thing but weight gain, fluid retention, bloating, swelling, and frequent urination can wreak havoc with your wardrobe!

After diet and nutrition, the next big concern for every would-be-mom is what to wear during pregnancy and how to choose the right clothes? Maternity Pants are generally ignored but plays an important role. As you might sail through the FIRST TRIMESTER without much concern, but as soon as you are on the SECOND TRIMESTER, your baby will grow and you can no longer fit in your regular clothes, including your favorite jeans.

What to look for in Maternity Pants?

Maternity pants

Here is the compiled list of things you should keep in mind while hunting the best for yourself:

  • Cotton is key- check whether the material is cotton or not. Cotton is natural material making them breathable. Wearing breathable fabrics during the entire term of the pregnancy will make you feel comfortable. So, avoid maternity pants made from fabrics such as polyester, silk, and rayon as these materials make you sweat a lot even in winter and hence, make you warm and uncomfortable.

maternity pants

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  • If you exercise and do yoga during pregnancy, go for Leggings. That will be comfortable, flexible, and breathable during exercising.
  • While purchasing maternity bottom wear, avoid ones that are too tight because you will continue to gain weight. Especially after the SECOND TRIMESTER. It is wiser to buy pants with elastic waistband than any buttons or strings to tie it.

maternity pants

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  • And last but not least look for Maternity Pants that have features to see you right through from conception to birth. That means there should be enough room to support your growing belly up until the big day(your delivery), which fits you in every stage of pregnancy and support your growing bump both pre and post-delivery and also give you comfort, and warmth to your baby.

So, with the above tips. Now, it is time to put this knowledge into action. As Coronavirus is wandering outside, HunyHuny advises you to use technology and shop online. Stay home and stay safe!


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