Some amazing pregnancy facts every would-be mom must know!

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Pregnancy is a long, joyful, and mysterious journey. It changes the mind, body, and the entire life of a woman. For a would-be-mom, these crucial months are both challenging and exciting and knowing a few facts can make this journey more and more exciting. So, we bring you some amazing pregnancy facts that every future mom must know!

Amazing facts about pregnancy

Check out the list and know a little more about the journey of pregnancy.

Babies can hear moms inside the womb

Your baby is listening to you! Yes, once the baby's brain and ears are developed and ready to function, babies start listening to the voice of mom inside the womb.

Babies cry inside the womb

Babies cry when they pop out, we're all aware of it. But, did you know the babies cry in the womb as well? Yes, Scientists measure the breathing pattern of babies and found that the babies inside the womb frown. The reason is not necessarily that they are upset, it can be the fact that babies are practicing.

Babies pee and drink in the uterus

It starts from the second trimester when babies pee in the uterus and drink the pee, they repeat this process. 

Blood volume increases by 40 to 50%

Baby needs the supply of blood and your body knows it. The blood volume during pregnancy increases by 40 to 50% to ensure that the growing fetus gets sufficient blood supply.

Mom's heart gets bigger!

When a fetus needs the blood supply, the heart needs to pump extra blood and it grows in size to meet the blood supply need of both mom and the baby.

Voice may change during pregnancy

The rise in estrogen and progesterone (the primary female hormones)  can cause swelling of the vocal folds that may bring certain changes in the voice of a mom.

The sense of smell may change

 Not only the voice but your sense of smell changes too. You may experience a heightened sense of smell during the first trimester.

Some parts of your body change color

The color of your skin may change as the stretch marks are paler than normal skin. Moreover, the color of the vagina can also turn purple or blueish which is known as Chadwick Sign. 

Babies can taste certain foods

Some strong flavors such as garlic pass through amniotic fluid, the baby can taste certain foods with a strong flavor.

One in every 2000 babies is born with a tooth

We all love the toothless smile of a baby. It's the best feeling when a baby smiles. It is rare, but some babies are born with a tooth. The case is uncommon and only one in 2000 babies can be seen with a tooth. So, if you are pregnant at the moment, check if your baby gets born with a tooth. :)

Final words

Share these amazing pregnancy facts with would-be moms and help them to make this journey easier and enjoyable!


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