8 Evidence-Based Superfoods to eat when you are pregnant!

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A healthy diet becomes more and more important when a woman is pregnant, she has to eat for two after all. This is when your body needs some extra vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Especially during the second and third trimester, your body may need 350-500 additional calories. Neglecting a healthy diet during this important time can adversely affect the baby's development as well as mom's health. Moreover, bad eating habits can be a key reason for gestational diabetes or other complications in pregnancy. So, let's take a look at some superfoods that will ensure a healthy pregnancy.

A list of foods to eat during pregnancy

Include these foods in your diet and make the journey of motherhood easier and safer.

Dairy products for some additional protein

A growing fetus needs good quality protein and dairy products are rich in two different types of proteins namely casein and whey. With the help of dairy products, mom and baby enjoy magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, and B vitamins. Especially, greek yogurt is a great source of calcium and probiotic bacteria that improve digestive health.

Salmon for omega-3

An adequate amount of omega-3 fatty acids becomes essential during pregnancy. Women may be recommended to limit their consumption of seafood during pregnancy, but omega-3 fatty acids support brain and eye development and hence, women should not avoid the seafood totally as it also helps to improve the blood levels of EPA and DHA.


Some foods can help to avoid the risk of neural tube defects or low birth weight. These foods include peas, beans, chickpeas, lentils, soybeans, and peanuts. With these foods, mom and fetus get a sufficient amount of folate intake and fiber, protein, iron, and calcium. 


Eggs work wonders during pregnancy and provide almost all the essential nutrients. In addition to high-quality proteins and fat, a large egg has 77 calories. An egg has around 113 mg of choline which is helpful for various processes in the body including the development and health of the brain.

Broccoli and leafy greens

A pregnant woman needs a great combination of various vitamins and nutrients including but not limited to vitamin A, calcium, iron, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate and potassium. Consuming such as kale and spinach during pregnancy can provide all these essential nutrients. Leafy greens are rich in antioxidants, helping mom in proper digestion better immunity.

Whole grains

A fair amount of protein is important during pregnancy, oats, and quinoa that help to meet the calorie requirement of a mom. It is advisable to not make these essential nutrients lacking in your diet.


A great source of monounsaturated fatty acids, high in vitamin K, potassium, copper, fiber, B vitamins (especially folate), vitamin E and vitamin C, Avocados are amazing for pregnant women. They are rich in good fats that help in the development of skin, tissues, and the brain of your baby.

Dry fruits

Dried fruits are rich in a variety of nutrients and minerals, high in calories and fiver. One serving of dried fruits can prove to be helpful in many ways. Include some prunes and dates in the diet and provide your body and the baby with all the required nutrients.

Final words

What you eat during pregnancy affects your physical health and mental wellbeing, so as the baby developing inside you. Never avoid a healthy diet and consult your doctor as and when needed for a safer journey of pregnancy.


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