What are the benefits of kegel exercises during pregnancy?

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So, we have already talked a bit about how pregnancy exercises work wonders for would-be-moms. If you have missed, don't worry, simply click the pretty-pretty links below and you will find some absolutely amazing details about workouts and diets for pregnancy. 

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Well, again, we thought to make pregnant moms do a little more workout, this time kegel exercises! Now, you must be wondering why should you do the kegel exercises. Of course, there are some amazing benefits associated with kegel exercises during (and even after) pregnancy.

Benefits of kegel exercise during pregnancy

Check out these benefits and make the journey of pregnancy easy and hassle-free.

Add strength and endurance to your pelvic organs

The pelvic organs include the vagina, and rectum, bladder, uterus, and cervix. When we talk about vaginal childbirth, it is one of the reasons for pelvic organ prolapse- when the uterus, urethra/bowel sag down into the vagina). Vaginal childbirth can weaken your pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises can help in strengthening and correct the functioning of these important muscles (bladder and bowel).

Kegel exercises improve bladder control

Due to vaginal delivery, most women experience leaking urine during pregnancy and even after giving birth. The risk increases when you have given birth to more than one baby. We have discussed urinary incontinence in our previous blog- Things new moms can expect from their postpartum body (Part-1). Kegel exercise can prevent and treat such conditions.

Improves control of bowel movement

Known as fecal incontinence, in general, it is the inability to control bowel movements. Fecal incontinence can cause stool (feces) to leak unexpectedly from the rectum. This condition can range from an occasional leakage of stool when you pass gas to complete loss of bowel control. Kegel exercises are known to strengthen rectal muscles and can help in treating this condition.

No need to join the gym

Another benefit of kegel exercises is that you don't need to join the gym and when you are pregnant, traveling and doing your workout when surrounded by too many people can be a little uncomfortable and risky. Kegel exercises can be performed even in a small space in your room, all you need is a mat.

Kegel exercises reduce back pain

Kegel exercises are very helpful for postural support, this additional support can benefit by reducing other symptoms such as back pain during pregnancy.

Summing it up

Kegel exercises are easy to perform and they are safe! It is advisable to consult your doctor before performing any exercise when you are pregnant as the journey of pregnancy is not the same for all women. Moreover, it is important to know the right way how to perform kegel exercises, we will be discussing this in our next blog, so stay tuned! 


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