Step By Step Guide To Master Diapering Your Baby

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Diapering is one of the skills that should have by parents to keep the baby healthy and happy. But it can be a challenging job, especially for a new mom. Generally, diapering a baby is not hard, but you have to be ready for some nasty surprises. It is crucial that you change your little one’s diapers frequently and keep her away from being soaked in a mess and risk infections and rashes. You should know, a baby girl is more vulnerable to a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) than a boy child. Moreover, there is an ultra-fine difference in how you must diaper your boy or girl. 

So, HunyHuny comes with tricks you need to know about diapering your peanut efficiently:

  • The very first thing you have to keep in mind is that making the diaper changing sessions encouraging. Your little one must be encouraged that you are there to clean the mess off. Start with blowing your baby kisses and a chuckle.
  • After creating the environment, place your baby on changing table or pad with soft material swaddle cloth. You can try HunyHuny Muslin Swaddles, they are ultra-soft and comfortable. Remember to keep your baby facing side.
  • Always dress your baby in onesies or outfits that are easy to remove.
  • Detach the diaper fasteners but don’t remove the diaper yet, let it stay in there under your baby’s bum.
  • Use baby wipes or wet wipes or cotton to clean the mess and stuff it into the soiled diaper. Hold the messy stuff enclosed in the used diaper and dispose of it in a closed dustbin. It will be easier for you if you have the dustbin in an accessible position from your changing table.
  • That’s over the messy part, now gently lift your baby’s lower back using your one hand and with another slide in a clean diaper underneath in a way that the diaper side with the tabs is under the baby’s bottom. 
  • If you notice your baby starts to developing diaper rash, apply some anti-rash baby cream or coconut oil. 
  • After applying some cream and powder, bring the front of the diaper up through the legs. Then fold the diaper and let it rest under her belly button.
  • Finally, fasten the diaper to let it closed in a way that it doesn’t cause any leakages, and more importantly your baby is comfortable. 
  • Here ends your baby’s diapering process. You can now have your baby wear her pants, so both of you are good to go or you can leave her as it is in summer at home. 

Important advice: Never leave your baby unattended at any time. As babies are highly active, always hold them with one hand to avoid any surprised fall while you might be groping about for stuff needed for her diaper change. 


Diapering Baby Boy:

As we mention above, here are the tips you have to keep in mind while diapering your little boy;

  • While cleaning the messy part, you must first drape his groin area in a clean washcloth to avoid a water show.
  • Each time you wipe, make sure that you lift and thoroughly clean up the area under your son’s scrotum.
  • Always remember to direct his groin part downward and toward the center every time you put a fresh diaper on to prevent any leaks. And don’t be shocked if it’s erect because it’s normal for babies.

Diapering Baby Girl:

Similarly, here are the tips you have to keep in mind while diapering your little girl;

  • It is very important that you check the fold between. Gently clean them from the top of the labia downward towards the anus to avoid spreading bacteria and infections.
  • Wipe away any sticky substance you may find in her vagina’s folds. It may be vernix that protects the baby’s skin while she is in the womb. Vernix might appear again as it is secreted from the vagina.
  • Rinse your child properly during the cleanups. Avoid using soaps as applying it in the area might put your girl at risk of UTI.
  • Baby girls have a pee reflex that can’t be contained. So, it will be wise for you to have a waterproof pad underneath.

After diapering, let’s see the case if unfortunately, your baby developed diaper rashes. How you can identify rashes and treat it and prevent it.

Identifying the rashes:

You can identify it by noticing the symptoms like your baby’s bum area is become sensitive, chafing, flaking, and have redness around it. The rashes usually caused by bacteria when urine and feces are not properly cleaned, or there is friction between the diaper surface and your baby’s soft skin, or the area is remained closed for a long time making the skin sweaty and wet.

Treatment for rashes:

Step1:  Use a mild or a warm, wet washcloth or cotton to gently wipe your baby’s skin.

Step2: Try to keep your baby’s skin as dry as possible.

Step3: Apply a thick layer of safe yet effective zinc oxide-based baby diaper rash cream on the entire diaper area at each diaper change.

Points to remember:

  • Keep your baby clean and dry by changing the diaper often.
  • Never rub, only pat her skin dry.
  • If the problem continues, immediately consult a pediatrician.


  • Always be careful not to wear your baby’s diaper too tightly.
  • Let your baby go without her diaper as much as possible.
  • Apply diaper rash powder at every diaper change. The powder will repel moisture and reduce friction on the skin.
  • Change your kid’s diaper frequently.
  • Choose the right-sized diaper.

You can also use reusable cloth diapers. This way you can save money and keep waste out of the landfill. These are the great eco-friendly alternative to disposables. It is an even safer option as the cloth is not only good to the skin but also there are no chances of rashes, unlike disposables ones. So, try investing in HunyHuny baby’s free size Reusable Diapers with snap button, adjustable from newborn to toddler babies. You will get a wide range of styles with different colors from where you can choose your pick. 

baby diapers

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General tips for diapering:

Always keep plastic bags, sealable will be much better to store the soiled diapers if you don’t find a place to dispose of them instantly.

It is advisable to have a designated space area at home for the diapering sessions so you can also have the changing supplies handy.   

Play some music for your baby, to get her entertained during the sessions.

Practice these tips and be a master in diapering your little angel. You might fail at first, but eventually, you and your baby will settle into the routine of diaper changing sessions and that time ‘diapering will be your left hand’s game’.

For more amazingly useful tips, stay tuned and follow HunyHuny.

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