Things To Stock For Infants During Lockdown

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Even though our government has lifted the COVID-19 lockdown due to the pandemic Coronavirus outbreak, it is not safe to go outside like before yet. As coronavirus is still out there. To be fully safe, we have to wait for the vaccine to generate and reach each of us! Till then we have to maintain our lockdown. But as a parent, we have the sole responsibility to ensure our baby’s health and nourishment needs are taken care of even during this adverse situation. 

With all people in Coronavirus quarantine, supplies of essential goods like food products and toiletries have reached a drip. As an adult, we can understand the situation and manage it but it is not possible when we have a little one with us. During this time of crisis, it may not be possible to grab on every kind of baby product but the very essentials are mandatory for your newborn to stay nourished and importantly hygienic. 

So, during this self-lockdown, HunyHuny prepared a list of baby things that are essential for your little one. So better stock it up!

Nappies & Accessories

These include your baby’s diaper and wet wipes. As your baby is a newborn, you will be required to change her diaper about 10-12 times a day for sure. So, always have stock ready. It will be wise to opt for Re-usable Cloth Diapers with absorbent Insert Pads & Adjustable Snap Button than the disposable ones. It will eliminate your worry about having sufficient stock as they are reusable and they are cost-effective too.

baby diapers

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Baby Clothes

Normally, Indian parents are discouraged from buying baby clothes or other utilities before the birth of our child. But with maximum shops closed now, most parents are scrambling to arrange for the basics like Baby Wears. So, have a stock of at least a few pairs of baby clothes. But avoid clothes that need lots of effort to get on or off-no matter how cute they are!

baby clothes

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3-4 Pairs of Socks, Caps, and Booties

Remember, newborns are not good at regulating their body temperature well. So, a lightweight, cotton Socks, Caps, & Booties are very important to make your child preserve their body heat and feel secure without overheating during the early weeks. 

baby caps

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3-4 pairs of Cotton Mittens

Mittens are very necessary to keep those tiny hands warm as well as prevent your little one from scratching herself.

baby wears

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Bibs and Muslin Cloths

Babies need to burp after every feed and will often spit out a bit of milk as well. Place these Bibs or Muslin Cloths on your shoulder as you burp your peanut. It protects your clothes from inevitable baby possets and mopping up dribbles.

3-4 Swaddling Blankets or Sheet

This is the item your baby is going to use right after she is born. It has a soft surface to rest your baby’s head-on to make her sleep or swaddle her for extra warmth and comfort.

hunyhuny swaddle blanket

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Baby Cloth Washing Powder or Detergent


Your newborn has very delicate skin, using your normal washing powder is a BIG NO. so, using a mild baby washing product for your baby’s clothes is a better idea.



This includes a mild baby soap, shampoo, massage oil, moisturizer, rounded comb or soft brush, a baby nail clipper, cotton or earbuds to clean baby’s outer ear area, and baby talc powder to keep them cool and dry through the sweltering heat with a generous dusting of baby powder. 

Mosquito Net and Repellent

This also happens to be the season in which mosquitoes flourish. So, to eradicate the threat in your home, a mosquito net and a repellent are essential. 

Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer

Prefer herbal and fewer fragrance ones as those will be less toxic.

Baby Thermometer and General Baby Medicines

Only after consulting your pediatrician for minor health issues like cold, cough, or stomach bug.

Bed Protector Mats

To protect the bed from wetting.

If you are also bottle-feeding your baby- then you have to stack the baby formula and feeding bottle.

Now, when you have the complete list of must-have essential items for your little one, stock up the things during this self-lockdown. But remember, these are the general need for infants which we have compiled above. You can also add items that you think is essential for your baby. 

Lastly, stay safe and stay indoors as much as possible. Try not to go out shopping rather shop online to keep any contractions with the virus at bay. Keep washing hands and sanitizing yourself and everything you bring to your home. We all are together in this, let‘s together fight this virus and pray for those suffering through it.

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