The joys of motherhood: Being a mom rocks! (Part-1)

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When a woman gets to hear- "Congratulations! You're pregnant!" Or when she sees those two red lines on her pregnancy test kit, her life changes suddenly and forever.

A new life stirring inside is big news, a new life, a new beginning, a new lookout on life, and a new role, words simply can't do justice to how a woman feels when she comes to know that she will be a mom soon.

Motherhood is a journey, a journey full of changes and challenges, a journey full of physical pains and mental suffering, a journey full of emotions and mood swings, a journey where everything is worth to reach a moment- holding your bundle of joy in your hands for the first time! This is one of those countless memorable moments filled with joys of motherhood- check out a few more!

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What makes motherhood so special?

Take a look at this list, and don't forget to share with new moms!

The moment that leaves you in tears of joy! 

Welcome to the beginning, the news of pregnancy is too delighting to hold your tears and it's completely fine if you let your emotions out of your eyes.  You're going to be a mom and you have the freedom to express and handle your feelings the way you want.

Your life has a purpose

The day comes in a blink of an eye and gives your life a purpose. Now you are more than just a woman, you're a caretaker, a protector, a would-be-mom who has a new purpose in her life- bringing a new life to this world and taking great care of yourself and your baby. 

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You always have a company

When a playful kick reminds a woman she's never alone- and that's the beauty of having a baby inside. A woman always has company and that's what gives a woman strength she needs to deal with the hassles of pregnancy. Enjoy your little one's company and make motherhood more and more joyful.

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Strengthens bond with your spouse

The very first person to come in your mind when you come to know you are pregnant is your husband- how delighted he would be to know he's going to be a dad. It's true that you can't wait to tell this to him, but there's always a way to surprise your spouse with this news. Once he gets this news, you, would-be-mom, have become precious than ever before, get ready for the kisses and cuddles, the magic of your baby begins as soon as he's inside- strengthening your relationship from day one!

You are stronger than ever

There goes a saying- you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. And, it is also a fact that you never know how strong you are until you become a mom. A woman realizes her true strengths when she's pregnant or becomes a mom, she becomes stronger than ever, she's unstoppable, and she knows her way.

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To be continued...

There's a lot to mull over when we talk about the joys of motherhood, part 2 is coming to you in this week with more exciting things about being a mom, so stay tuned! 


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