Decoding The Mystery Behind Choosing Perfect Shoes For Your Baby !

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Hello Parents!

Is your bundle of joy ready to take her first step? Yes? Then, congratulation! Your baby is ready for those first pair of shoes. And for that, you need to know how to pick the best pair that fit for all that walking, running, skipping, climbing, and hopping in her upcoming days.  

Of Course, Every Adventure requires the first step! So let's get started.


baby shoes

Normally, it is best to let little one’s developing feet go mostly bare. This gives them abundant room to grow. When she begins walking, going bare will strengthen her ankles and those cute feet. She will only really need her first pair when she starts her outside journey, to protect her tootsies from any injury and infection. But with the appropriate cute dress, a pair of cute footwear for special occasions is of course, fine. 

So, here are the following points to look for in your child’s first shoes:


right fir shoes

Your little one still won’t be able to tell you if their shoes are pinching them or is it too loose at the heel, so carefully check them. With your baby standing with her weight on both feet, observe the following:

  • The length of shoes should be a little longer than her feet. The gap should not be more than half an inch, that giving your baby wiggle room for her feet.
  • Grasp the material between your finger at the shoe’s widest point. If that is too much = too wide. Similarly, none = too narrow.
  • It has to fit snugly.


baby canvas shoes

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Our new walkers have a hard enough time in the bare state. So, a heavy shoe will make stepping more challenging. Therefore, always go for breathable, lightweight, or canvas shoes that imitate a barefoot experience. 


baby shoes

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(HunyHuny Baby Shoes has beautiful flexible soft leather that allows your baby’s feet to move and grow naturally.)

Too-stiff shoes cause foot deformity, weakness, and loss of mobility. So, ensure your baby’s shoes are flexible. You can check this by bending and twisting them every way you can think of. 


baby shoes

In the case of walking shoes, canvas soles designed to perfectly grip the ground. This will give your little one more traction as she starts taking those wobbly first steps. With padding on the sides, heels, and soles of baby’s shoe makes sure they are comfortable.  And finally, the closures like laces, Velcro, or snaps allows you to adjust the size. So, it fits and as well as stay on your child’s feet better.


Avoid baby shoes that have any type of corrective features in them. As your little tiger’s muscles need room to develop and strengthen all on their own. 



Baby’s first walking shoes are must but do keep in mind that they don’t have to last forever- after all, your peanut will outgrow them every three months.HunyHuny covers this class very well too. So, if you want some quality shoes at an economical price, check our widest range of baby shoes that all are pocket friendly. 


There always have separate variabilities of baby shoes offered for girls and boys. Though some even come in unisex. Following are some of the styles that you can choose from:

Here are some Shoe Styles for your Little Peas:

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  • Never make your baby wear shoes as soon she begins walking as this might hamper her balance and coordination. She needs to feel everything under her tiny feet to be able to balance better.
  • When your baby can move unaided, you may make the up-gradation of pre-walking shoes to walking shoes.
  • It is very crucial that you choose the right pair of shoes that provide generous support to your little one’s feet. 
  • Avoid shoes made up of synthetic material. Go for good quality canvas shoes instead. 
  • Choose the shoe fasteners carefully for your baby.
  • And finally, your little one’s comfort holds more priority than her appearance. So, opt for shoes for its comfort than its looks.

Usually, visiting the shop in person with your baby is recommended to get an appropriately fitting shoe. But now as coronavirus is roaming out there, it is not safe for you as well as your little one. So, the best option will be purchasing online. However, if you have other concerns or queries about shoes for your little angel, comment us below in the comment box. 

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