Busting Myths: The Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

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Being a new mom myself, I already heard my fair share of pregnancy-related advice or information for my third trimester, which often emphasizes on what different behaviour or symptoms means, how can you tell the sex of the baby, and do’s and don’ts during your pregnancy journey. 

pregnancy myths

Though some advice is true and valuable, there are some advices which are not true and are just myths. It is very essential to know about the myths as they create unnecessary stress and trouble and lastly disappointment. Why disappointment? You could be hoping for something and that’s not going to happen as the information you have is completely a myth like cocoa butter for stretch marks. For which I fall and many others too. Or you want to do something but can’t as someone has told you not to do for your baby’s safety. If that information is true then that’s okay because as last trimester, we have to take extra care but what about if that information was a myth, then you could lose your chance to do it and enjoy that thing. And the main blow will come to you when you get to know about that information being a myth, and at that time you can’t do anything except for regret. I can tell you this because I already suffer so much from it for my first pregnancy, but I got to enjoy my second one after I researched and consulted my doctor, so I don’t want you to go through the same pain. Therefore, as I already said it is very essential to know about what are pregnancy facts so you can provide take proper care for your little one and pregnancy friction and, enjoy and relax this beautiful phase of your life.

The most reliable and safe way is to find and ask your medical care provider with whom you are most comfortable. But for now, you don't have to worry as with the help of experts, we the HunyHuny family make a simple comparison to help you to burst a few common pregnancy myths and to know the truth behind them. So, it can be easier for you. Now, let's check that out…

Truths vs myths

These were the few myths that I came across during my pregnancy (as it was my first pregnancy) which I found worth sharing with others to be new moms and dads.

So, we HunyHuny family thought this important information will bust your myth and ease your pregnancy to a great extent. You can share with us your pregnancy myth and how you busted them in the comment box below.

Do share this blog with your friends and family, who is soon going to be a new mom or dad, so that they can also know about these myths in time and enjoy their pregnancy.

Also, let us know in the comment box below what else you want to know about this wondrous journey with your baby bump.

HunyHuny wishes you to have a happy, healthy, and enjoyable pregnancy.



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