Some lesser-known after birth side effects they won't tell you!

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Motherhood is a journey, long delightful journey, full of physical and emotional changes and challenges, no one knows better than a woman who sails through this phase. Yeah, your gynec, your doula, your family members, all are always there to assist you, they'll all take great care of yourself and your baby.

But, mom, do you think your challenges are over after birth?

Well, think again, giving birth to a child is not a child's play!

Of course, after birth, congratulations, you have successfully faced most of your challenges, But, remember, it's not over once your baby pops out!

There can be some after birth side effects that no one may tell you, and that's what you will come to know here!

Lesser-known after birth side effects and symptoms 

Check out this list, but don't worry, you may not experience them all!

Heavy postpartum bleeding

Once your baby is born, you can experience a delightful discharge called lochia. No matter how you gave birth, normal delivery or c-section, postpartum bleeding can occur and it can last as few as two to three weeks or as long as six weeks. You'll probably be provided with giant thunder pads in the hospital as tampons may not be a safe option for your healing uterus.

You may cry a lot!

Some women can be considered lucky as they may get off with this very easy. For some women, it can be nothing whereas for others it can be full-blown postpartum depression! A tricky thing with this is you may not even realize how bad or difficult it was until you get out of this. When it comes to dealing with postpartum depression. A woman must have loved ones to keep an eye on it, and if needed, see a doctor.

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You may start losing hair

Yeah, you may need to be careful when you give yourself some new hairstyles, this is one of those major side effects of hormonal changes a woman experiences after giving birth. It's pretty common to lose hair due to hormonal changes and not actually a big reason to worry!

Breastfeeding can be difficult

Breastfeeding can require a little bit of work, if you have an easy time of it, that's great! For some women, it can take a while to practice and develop a habit, know when to feed the baby, and everything in between. Your doula or an experienced mom can, of course, make things easy for you!

You may suffer from dry and itchy skin

For itchy skin, stretching and estrogen can be blamed, and it is really common during pregnancy. Itchy and dry skin during pregnancy (and after) can be treated similar to taking care of your winter skin, reducing the temperature in your shower, moisturize, and avoiding harsh soaps.

You might fall in love or hate your husband!

Again the concept of lucky applies here! If you're lucky, you'll find your husband compromising his sleep and take care of your awake baby. But, if you are the only one responsible to get your baby to sleep and awake when your baby cries in the night, it can make you hate your husband as you will see him enjoying his sleep at 3 am.

Restless leg syndrome

One of the most common side effects after pregnancy, restless leg syndrome is not a serious condition but can lead to discomfort at night and disrupt your sleep. The effects can be felt in lower legs on the ankle, yes, some stretching, acupuncture, massage can work as remedies.

The bottom line

So, if you know the lesser-known post-pregnancy side effects, take good care of yourself and your baby!


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