How to do kegel exercise during pregnancy?

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Get ready for some stretching and workout, would-be-moms. We have had a discussion about what are the benefits of kegel exercises during pregnancy, in which we promised to come up with a blog on how to do kegel exercise during pregnancy, so here it is! First, you need to realize the fact that being inactive during pregnancy is never a good idea, physical activities during pregnancy are helpful. It is the finest way to avoid risks of complications during pregnancy. For women who have been physically active before pregnancy, keeping it up is a wise decision.

How to do kegel exercises during pregnancy?

Well, kegel exercises are easy, it's too much fun, and the best preparation for labor.

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Finding the right muscles!

To do kegel exercise in the right way, first, you need to locate the right muscles. Finding your pelvic floor muscles is not rocket science, let's keep it simple.

Try to stop the flow of urine or try to stop passing gas, the muscles you are tightening to do this is your pelvic floor muscle. And, this is the muscle that you are going to squeeze and relax during kegel exercises.

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Once you find your flow, you will be able to do this exercise laying down, standing, and even sitting. If you want to see the best results, stick with kegel exercises and do it in the correct form. The next step!

Now, relax and get comfortable. It's not going to be a high-intensity workout.

Squeeze, relax, and repeat!

Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles and hold for 10 seconds, relax for a few seconds, and repeat. Maybe you will find yourself able to hold this muscle for a couple of seconds only, the time will increase gradually, it's not a problem. You can repeat this process 10 times, but if you are finding it difficult, you can start by doing fewer repetitions. Gradually, you will notice that contraction will become stronger.

Important note: You need to hold your pelvic floor muscles, not breathing, breath normally when you do the exercise.

You can do the same little quick! Take this as a variation of kegel exercise. Tighten and relax your pelvic floor muscles quickly, repeat several times, as much as you are comfortable, don't force yourself or overdo.

3 second hold and relax

This can be easier, and you can find this variation a lot more relaxing. Squeeze and hold your pelvic floor muscles for 3 seconds, relax for 3 seconds, and repeat. Simple no?

Gradually increase the intensity!

No hurries! Go the natural way. Start small, and over time, you can slowly increase the duration of each squeeze and hold as well as the number of repetitions.

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The best outfit for kegel exercise 

Would-be-moms should feel comfortable while practicing this exercise. 

High Waist Pregnancy Pants Maternity Leggings can prove to be the best choice for a hassle-free and delighting session. Elastic waistband and adjustable side buttons make this a great workout apparel for pregnant women, helping in every stage of pregnancy. 

Moreover, the bearable fabric cotton and comfort fit make it remarkable for performing kegel exercises. 

Final words

Pushing your baby through your pelvis and bringing it to the world is extremely demanding for you and for your pelvic floor muscles. Focusing on this easy exercise can make things easier, and more importantly, it can help you have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. If you haven't given a thought to pelvic floor muscles and its exercises, it is advisable to pay attention to this. Kegel exercises are great during and even after pregnancy, make it a part of your daily routine.


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