Celebrate The Father's Day With HunyHuny - With These Isolation-Friendly Father's Day Ideas

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Bonjour my friends!!

Father’s Day- it’s an extraordinary day commemorating fathers around the world! Father’s Day honors and celebrates not just dads, but also grandfathers, father-in-law, step-fathers, and anyone who is a father figure for you. Father’s Day is popularly celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year, although some parts of the world celebrate it on different days. Sonora Smart Dodd, who was an American activist, raised by her veteran father after her mother’s death, is credited as the founder of Father’s Day. It was celebrated the first time in 1910. But, the tradition started in 1972 after it declared as a national holiday in the USA.

So, as this special day is just around the corner it’s almost the right time to begin our preparation to celebrate with our hero, which will be our DAD on his dedicated day! Come this June 21, together with HunyHuny, let’s surprise him with these following ‘perfect Father’s Day ideas’, to express how much we love them, respect them, care them, and lastly how much we appreciate them in our life. How lucky we are to have him and how special he is to us. So, we rounded up some of the best things to do with your Dad on Father’s Day right here.

This year Father’s Day might be a little different due to the pandemic coronavirus outbreak, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have some quality time with Dad and plan some fun Father’s Day activities. As no matter what he is doing, he will surely love creating amazing memories with some of his beloved people. There is a surprise Quick Tip for newly sculpted Daddies at the end.

Serve Dad An All-Star Brunch

This is the best way to start off Father’s Day. Decorate the table full of all of your Dad’s favorite brunch dishes. This will definitely wow him. So, surprise him with an all-star spread of waffles, eggs, and fruits. Of course, don’t forget the coffee and orange juice!

Gift Dad A Handmade Card

father's day card

Be creative and use your limitless imagination to make a special Father’s Day card. That will be heartwarming for your Dad. You can also add your personal message to him by expressing how much you love him and how grateful you are to have him in your life.   

Have A Family Game Night

Let your Dad flaunt his competitive side with the best board games like Astro Trash, Classic Block Game, Jenga, Charades, Monopoly, and many more, along with the whole family. If your Dad loves trivia and brain teasers, just host a family trivia night. 

Get Creative Together

The whole family including Dad can start exploring their creative sides with some fun family crafts. They will become a great memory later on. You can frame your handy work to cherish them for a long time.

Pack Up A Picnic

This is the easiest way to impress your Dad on his special day. Pack up some sandwiches and grab a blanket, then head out to your balcony, or garden, or backyard, anyone will do! Enjoy the sunshine with him. To make it more enjoyable, you can introduce some fun games with all his favorite people around him.

Pamper Him With A Spa Day

Yes, you read it right! Dad too deserves some pampering! You can simply turn your home into a relaxing spa and complete it with some of your Dad’s favorite candles and soothing music. Treat him with an at-home massage. Don’t worry you don’t have to be professional as it’s the thought that counts. If it's difficult for you, just gift him a spa-themed basket, load it up with some of his favorite shaving kits, lotions, and soaps.

Set Up A Movie Night

movie night

Select a few of your Dad’s favorite movies and plan the movie marathon night with it as a whole family. And yeah, don’t forget the popcorn!

Make A Short Film For Dad

If you are with us now, that means you most probably have a smartphone. Make use of its camera, click some photos, shoot videos, edit them using free apps available, and surprise your Dad with what you have created for him. This will not only make your father happy but also help you to bring out your creative nature.

Ask Him What He Wants To Do

You might spend weeks planning the day for him but on Father’s Day, do ask him what he feels like doing. After all, it isn’t about us. Your Dad might prepare his plans, or perhaps a better plan than your own. So, just ask him what he wants to do on his special day- Father’s Day!

And of course, we don’t forget about our newly sculpted Daddies too…

Gift Him A Baby Stroller

Yes, yes, I know what I am saying. I know you all are thinking ‘who gives a baby stroller gift on Father’s Day?’  but why not?? A baby stroller helps the Dad to spend some quality time with his baby - for whom he attains his fatherhood. It may be an unusual gift but this too has its unique feeling. The father can go for a walk or little shopping with his precious, it will not only help the baby and father to build a strong bond with each other but also father will get some “me time” too. You can explore here and choose your best pick.

Baby stroller

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Fatherhood is the same difficult job as motherhood. Not many can succeed at it. If you feel that your Dad does, then there is no any better-needed reason than this to show him your love and appreciation for him! Every day can be Father’s Day if you choose so.

 If you like these ideas then do remember to give a thumbs up and share this with your friends and family so that they can also plan this exceptional day amazingly! Of course, don’t forget to share your experience after celebrating Father’s Day with your number #1 guy in your life. 

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