Some amazing tips for getting your baby to sleep in the crib

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Your little baby, the apple of your eyes gives you all the joy you need in this world. Especially, when your baby smiles, all you want is that moment to stop right there, you just want to keep looking at that precious, toothless smile. But, on the other hand, the same baby can keep you on your toes, make you feel exhausted when your baby is not in good mood. At that point in time, all you wish for is that your baby settles down in the crib, and sleeps comfortably. So, what if your baby refuses to sleep? Let's take a look at some techniques for doing it the right way.

Getting your baby to sleep in the crib

Check out these tips and use the ones that work for your baby the best.


When your crib is new, your baby may take some time to get familiar with the new surroundings. Even new moms can feel worried while putting their babies to sleep in the crib. It is always a sensible decision to move your baby to a crib with a few short naps.

Get the right quilt

When it's sleeping time for your baby, it's important to keep your little one snug and warm. To do this right, you need the right quilt that provides your baby with the utmost comfort and relaxation while promoting good sleep. 

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When it comes to making the bed comfortable, you need the right quilt for your baby. It provides your baby with the warmth and helps to maintain optimum temperature. 

Make the crib fun and safe

The crib should be full of fun for your baby, it will divert your baby's mind and keep him engaged. To do this, you can put some toys in the crib, but make sure not to do this when it's sleeping time, any noise from a toy or even seeing a toy can keep your baby awake.

Tell your baby a story

Mom's voice is a superb way to make a baby fall asleep. Create a peaceful environment and tell your baby a story or read a book in a gentle way. Of course, your baby may not be able to understand what you are saying but a mom's voice is magical for babies, it will surely ease them into sleep.

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Give your little one a soothing bath

Do it a little earlier to the bedtime routine, a bath right before bedtime can freshen up your baby, yes some babies are too active while others may need more sleep. A bath with warm water in the right bathtub can be a good way to make your little one fall asleep quickly.

Some breast milk before bedtime

Before you put your baby to sleep, breastfeed your baby and remember that sleeping on an empty stomach is never recommended. Breastmilk can keep your baby's tummy full and help him to sleep early. Also, make sure that you don't overfeed, it can lead to discomfort.

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Create a routine

For some babies, moving to the crib can be a sudden and big change, you need to create a calmer environment and wait till your baby is happy and comfortable in the new surroundings.

Final words

Moving your baby from bed to crib is not easy and also not impossible, it can be challenging in the beginning though. Don't forget to share this vital information with new moms who are struggling to take their baby to the crib.


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