National Book Lovers Day - Things Everyone Should Know !!

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National book lovers day, in short also called BLD is a special day celebrated on August 9 of every year. Though it is not an official holiday but is observed to encourage bibliophiles celebrated reading and literature. On this day, all people are advised to put away their smartphones and every possible technological distraction and pick up a book to read. It is an unofficial holiday widely recognized on a global scale yet its origin and originator remain a mystery to date.

What would be a great day than this to inculcate a habit of reading, in you and your baby, which not only makes knowledgeable but also enhanced the imagination power. Do you know an interesting and beautiful fact about reading books during pregnancy? It plays a great important role in creating a bond between you and your baby. Many studies have proved that reading is a relaxing voice that helps the baby too to relax and calm. She also becomes alert and responds to it. If you read to your little one on a daily basis, she will recognize your voice once she is out in the real world. That’s why most babies stop crying when they hear their mom’s voice. This will aid a stronger bond between you and the little one. Participating in reading is also a great way for other members to connect with the little one. That may be a possible reason why pregnant ladies were made to hear our mythological verses like the Ramayana. Early attention through reading to your unborn child builds a wonderful foundation for their future.

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As everyone very well knows that everything a pregnant lady does, right from eating, speaking to exercising, affects the little one in one way or the other. That is the same for the aural perception of the baby and it is so strong that most of them are able to develop an affinity for their mother language over any other, even without understanding it fully.

In small children, reading is proven to help with language development and improved word recognition. Reading also provides a great wind-down before bedtime and kickstart an early interest in learning, it also encourages their power to imagine things in a certain way and think logically.

Will reading to your child in the womb make her smarter?

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There is a story about cellist Pablo Casals begin to sight-read a piece of music and soon grasped, he knew what was coming next, without reading it. Later he got to know that his cellist mom had rehearsed that piece daily in the later stages of her pregnancy.

Talking, reading, and playing a variety of music can help stimulate a child’s senses and progress her brain development. According to child specialists, “exposure to various sounds and scenes is important in helping to establish connections from one set of neurons (the nerve cells of the brain) to another. This how we all learn.” This suggests that infant language learning initiates in utero. Even in some cases, they also pick up newer words and understand their meanings pretty early in their lives.

When should you start reading to your little one in the womb?

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Around six months, the baby is already quite familiar with the sounds of the womb, from your heartbeat to digestive sounds. So, from week 25 onwards, the baby’s primary connection and information to the outside world come in the form of sound. The soothing, rhythmic sounds of a simple story would be quite audible at that time. Remember, the tones and cadences of the voice are more important than the enunciation of the actual words.

Must-read books during pregnancy

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We have come a long way and knew the positive effects of reading books on our unborn baby and to maximize the positiveness, it is wise to read good books. Because reading good books infiltrates great vibes in your baby. It provides you both with positive energy.

So, here the next question arises- what are the good books? The answer is simple- go for books that make you calm, relax, encourages, and inspire you towards greater things. For your reference, HunyHuny would advise you the following genres-

  • Books on Spiritual Gurus like Osho, Gautam Buddha, Dalai Lama, Baba Ramdev, Guru Nanak Dev to name a few. You will learn from their life history that what great wisdom they had centuries ago, and it will compel you to think how & why have we lost it all.
  • Biography of Great Leaders and Freedom Fighter’s- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, B. R. Ambedkar, Subhash Chandra Bose, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Swami Vivekanand,  Bhagat Singh & many others. Their life history is a fantastic example of sacrificing our lives for the mass benefit, living selflessly, we have been granted a bigger reason for coming to this earth rather than just getting married, eating, sleeping, partying and dying like everyone else.
  • Mythological Books- Ramayana, Shiva Puran, Bible, Quran, Guru Granth, stories on the life of Rama, Sita, Shiva  Parvati, Jesus Christ, Mohammed Prophet to name a few. Knowing our mythology by reading ourselves is a very good way to know the reality which you will find contradicting the way its told to us( to manipulate us ). And what would be a great time than this, use it to enrich yourself and your baby !! Try to imbibe at least one quality from our mythological figures. There one quality will mind-blowingly turnaround our way of living and thinking about things around us. 
  • Do include a good pregnancy book too, you will be amazed to know how new life is created inside you. You will feel blessed and proud of what you are carrying with you and push you to be extra careful and mindful of everything you do or eat in a perfect way.

Last message:

Books are your best friend and early you inculcate this habit, it will be excellent for your baby. It also prompts better concentration, a good attention span, distressing your tensions, and finally resulting in a smarter baby.

We wonder why the coming future generations are more involved in crime, a decrease in moral values, and ethics than the older generation people. So the simple answer to this is now the pregnant ladies are more into alcoholism, smoking, loud music parties, and watching violent content on web series. If we practice good habits like book reading, listening to good music, keeping away from gossips, doing regular yoga & meditation right from conceiving to growing your baby into a good human, you will be doing a great help to mankind in building a good society and a peaceful world.

Therefore, let's pledge to embark on this beautiful and important journey of book lovers day a regular habit of reading books.


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