Fetch Some "Me Time" In This Lockdown

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Being a mom is a responsibility, but during this COVID-19 lockdown, it may become even more challenging.  As a mother, you definitely handle various responsibilities which may increase many folds during this lockdown. This can be overwhelming and can make you numb to outside stimuli. Holding up these feelings will hurt you and in turn, can affect your family too. Your ‘Me-time’ is not a luxury but a necessity which helps you in maintaining yourself and your parenting skills high. It will provide you with a calm space to relax, to organize your thoughts, peace, gratitude, resourcefulness, and finally help you with improving focus. 

After knowing the importance, then your next question may come as to how can we manage to get some ‘Me-time’ in our busy everyday schedule when our domestic help is also not around. It usually depends upon the person itself, but here are some quick tips which may help you. The best possible way is to wake up early in the morning to get some quality ‘Me-Time’.In case you have toddlers, take help from your spouse or parents. Let them know how are you feeling and try to share each other’s burden. And, If you have kids, then try to involve them in daily household chores, let them do some simple works like helping you in washing vegetables, drying laundry, arranging dishes, cleaning, and dusting, responding to the doorbell, etc. Your work will be over earlier and you will be able to squeeze some ‘Me-time”.  This way, you will help your kids too in developing their skills and make them self-independent and responsible.

So, both of you can manage to have some ‘Me-Time’.  

We at the HunyHuny family have come together with some simple ideas to make your ‘Me – time’ more enduring during the lockdown :

Rejuvenate yourself

Spend some quality time with yourself. Indulge in giving yourself facial at home with homemade packs or do some body relaxation exercises and meditation to take years off your face and de-stress your body. Add spice to your romantic life.

Learning a new skill

You might have some interest which you were not able to learn because of time constraints before. Take the advantages of free online courses offered due to lockdown. If needed, you can even sign up for some paid online classes based on your interests. Engaging in learning a new skill will keep you busy and happy.

Try writing

Be creative and try composing poetry, short stories, diary entries, or some blog contents. It can be anything. If you do not find any interest, then take a simple paper and jot down all your feelings. Once done, you will feel great relief.


Yes, literally dance your worry out. It will make you relax and helps in keeping your body fit.


Reconcile with your abandoned hobbies. Get them back. You need not worry about starting from scratch as you would have muscle memories of them.


Pick your smartphone and call all your friends. Get in touch with them and ask for their wellbeing. You will be surprised to know how good it feels after the talk. Make conference calls to make it more fun. You can also go for a Skype coffee date with a friend once a week.


Give your body its worth which you could not because of your busy schedule. Give it a healthy boost by doing yoga and meditation and calisthenics (aerobic exercises). Keeping your body healthy will keep your brain produce dopamine making you feel good.

Organize your thoughts

Sit back and organize your thoughts. If needed re-configure your priorities and make corresponding changes to your current schedule.  Do one thing every week that scares you. Challenge and grow yourself—you’ll feel better as a person and your confidence will soar.


Do nothing. Yes, that is completely okay too. Give your tired body a deserving rest and let it heal. Just sleep, relax, and breathe. It's okay to do nothing sometimes. Turn off your computer and your phone every night by a certain time. No peeking!

Use your valuable ‘Me-time’ with these ideas and get back to the parenting track or professional track with full energy, both physically and mentally.

You can share with us your different and exciting personal ‘Me-time’ ideas in the comment box below. Do share this blog with your comrades who are facing the same situation so, that we can help them too.

STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE and enjoy your time.

Take care…


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