A Single Mom ! Hidden Warrior Of Our Society

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A single person who lives with a child or children, the person mentioned in this, doesn’t have a spouse.

Reason can include divorce, abandonment, or death of the other parent.

Generally speaking, a single-parent family is a family with children that are headed by a single parent. And in our society, a maximum of them does not even have a single person to depend upon, be it physically or mentally. HunyHuny proudly calls them warriors. Why?

single mom

Being a single parent and raising a child is a daunting experience. It is even more challenging for a single mom. Today they have become even more common than the so-called ‘nuclear family’. Their life is usually quite stressful for adults and as well as children. They may feel overwhelmed by the responsibility juggling with caring for the children, maintaining a job, and keeping up with the bills along with household chores. Beyond that, today’s parents face unique parenting hurdles like the rise of digital media, bullying, and high-stakes testing in early childhood. But after all that and below mentioned struggles, they always prevail.

So, in this article, HunyHuny family is trying to make people aware of the challenges faced by single moms in their life and how as a society we should help them cope with it.

1. Work-Life Challenges

working mom

It is common knowledge that parenting has ever been difficult. Mostly all full-time working moms don’t have enough leisure time. It gets even harder to balance work and parenting for single moms. A single parent is supposed to take care of the children and provide for them all by themselves. So, to provide for the kids she often has no choice but to work extra working hours. Henceforth, balancing professional responsibility and parenting is a major issue faced by single parents especially single moms.

Advice from HunyHuny family to balance your life as a single parent:

  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help.
  • Try to find flexible working hours.
  • Work from home if possible
  • Set boundaries and goals.

2. Guilt, Blame, and Responsibility

single moms

Most single parents are sick of the parenthood and guilt rhetoric, mainly working single moms. Because working makes it worse, as she could not see their child all day, resulting in a tremendous amount of guilt if she leaves yet again to do something for herself.

 Advice from HunyHuny family to overcome your guilt and get the other difficult emotions under control:

  • Don’t compare your parenting with others. Parenting is not a competition. Remember there
  • is no right or wrong way to parenting.
  • Do limit your social media usage.
  • Learn to live in the moment.
  • Spend quality time with your kids as much as you can.
  • Take time for yourself and it is not wrong.
  • Connect with like-minded moms.

3. Emotional Challenges

emotional mom

Being a single mom means that there is no one to share your good and bad experiences and days. They do not have anyone to watch their favorite movies or having any to have a heartful conversation or simply relax with someone. They keep on juggling work and that results in the sense of loneliness and depression starts to creep in.

Advice from HunyHuny family for these turbulent times, be resilient. Try to focus on the positive side of solo parenting and-

  • Create a healthy and loving environment for your child.
  • Be thankful that you can provide on your own.
  • Find others to serve as role models.
  • No one is perfect, and you are doing great because your baby is happy and thriving.

4. Financial Strain

financial problem

Financial problem is a reality for many single parents. It is quite obvious that money is very important for a person’s living. And money can be tight for any household with children. Nowadays, it is almost necessary for a two-income salary to stay afloat. But they don’t have that luxury. Financial crises can cause stress, anxiety, and limited choice. They are more likely to feel guilty of not providing enough for their kids. And this situation gets worse when single moms left waiting for child support that never arrives or has to pay attorneys to pursue what should be paid.

Advice from HunyHuny family to financial success for single parents:

  • Become economical.
  • Determine what you owe.
  • Make a monthly budget plan and track your expenses.
  • Save for the short and long-term.

5. Limited Time and Fatigue

limited time

The toughest part of being a single parent is finding some me-time. Most single moms feel exhausted trying to hold down jobs and make sure their kids attend extra-curricular activities. This very act of taking care of their child and work responsibilities obviously can be draining on many levels i.e., emotionally, cognitively, and psychologically.

Advice from HunyHuny family for you - Taking care of yourself is very vital. If you don’t take care of yourself, you cannot take care of your baby or others.

  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated to keep energy levels high and feel fresh the whole day.
  • Drink a cup of herbal tea or lemon water in the morning, keep a bottle of water in the handbag or car, and ensure you drink whenever you have a meal.
  • Try to spend less time on the phone.
  • Always take small rest breaks during the day.
  • Find time for exercise to stay fit.
  • Instead of lying down while the kids play in the rumpus room, take them for a long walk to the park instead.

These single moms have chosen a difficult path for a reason, they are special. Even after all these hurdles in their life, they have proven to the world that they are confident superwomen who can fight their life’s challenges with motherly smiles on their faces.

Now, the time has come for us being an Indian Society to change its attitude towards Single Indian Parents. Society members need to understand the underlying problems single parents are facing.

So, HunyHuny family appeals to all society members, please support single parents. This will help them to be a parent they want to be. Support tends to make them use more positive parenting strategies and mainly better able to cope with their situation and will feel motivated.

We wish the single super moms all the best of all this world could give you. You all deserve and worthy of a title- WARRIOR.


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