Tips on handling home isolation for little kids!

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It is not easy to get stuck in quarantine, especially when you have little bundles who are bursting with energy! Here we are to help you manage this period smartly with our Tips for Handling Home Isolation for Little Kids.

We all know quarantine isn’t that easy, but this too shall pass. In the meantime, we should take advantage of and make the most of this period at home without driving each other crazy.

The very first thing to do as a parent in this situation is to stay calm. Yes, you are right, it’s not easy, and the uncertainty of everything is enough to induce anxiety in anyone. We don’t know for sure when this is going to end, what the financial picture is going to be like and how badly we’re all going to be affected. What we do know, however, is that we have the authority to control our reactions, and indirectly, the reaction of our children. So, stay calm if they perceive the parents as being anxious, scared and worried. That’s what they’re going to pick up even if the words are not necessarily all that charged.


Depending upon your child’s age, explain the situation to them and try to be factual and give a clear explanation. Tell them it’s something that can get them sick, and we’re all staying home for some time to fight the virus so it can’t get to everyone.

Don’t give too many details as most kids are satisfied with just a basic explanation. Unnecessary information will only create panic, fear, and anxiety and that’s the last thing you want to do. Ease their fears calmly. Older kids may have got a bit of misinformation from peers or might have misinterpreted something they overheard from adults. Clear these by checking reliable resources like the WHO or CDC. Or it’s even better does this together, so your child can learn from an early age where to get reliable information from.

Tips on handling home isolation for little kids

Check out these tips to make things easy!

Stick to a Routine

Create a new routine which is a great way to establish a feeling of security and stability, even if the world seems to be in chaos. That’s why routines are advised for everyone, even for newborn babies. Try to set up a routine that similar to your regular one, especially with respect to bedtime and waking up. Kids still need enough sleep, since it’s an important part of boosting their immunity. Let the younger kids take their naps as they usually do, so they don’t end up irritated. You can try a routine for a few days and change it as you go so, you’re all comfortable with the new state of things.

Involve them in Household Tasks

Being in lockdown means more chores to do at home so clean the house as a family. Put some great music, assign each person a task and you’ll be surprised at how a dull chore turns into a fun family activity. That will be a great bonding time with your kids. You can assign kids some easy to do tasks like dusting, wipe down shelves and tables, straighten cushions, make beds as well as sweep and wash dishes. Little ones can learn to put away their toys and books and do a general tidy up.

Take Turns with your Spouse

Take turns with your spouses, so that one can attend a conference call while the other one helps to keep their child engage. Or one spouse can bathe the kids while the other one catches up some different tasks. Both partners can follow the same concept for some Me-time or self-care too. Staying in isolation is particularly hard on novice parents who’re away from their families. It’s very vital here to make things as easy as possible since everyone’s sanity is at stake! Get an electric breast pump so Dad can also feed the baby. Choose any kind of arrangement that will suit your family, whether it’s co-sleeping, babywearing or anything else related to baby care.

Connect with Relatives (while Social Distancing)

We have one thing everywhere, “technology”! so, make the most of video calling apps to stay connected with grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends. Set a particular time every day to talk to them –so everyone involved has something to look forward to. You can also connect with your kids’ friends over the phone so they can chat for a while about what they’re doing. They could probably exchange ideas about things to make, watch or read. This will be a huge release for kids who aren’t able to go out and play with their buddies.

Encourage Creativity

While regular art and craft supplies are great to keep them busy for a while but try to encourage them to experiment and think outside the box. In present, there are so many videos and websites dedicated to kids’ crafts that are on the internet which can be overwhelming, it’s better to start small. You can sign up for websites or newsletter that has tips and tricks for creating and to pass the time. No matter what kind of supplies you have, there’s always a way to make something with them. You’ll be amazed at how creative our kids can be!

Be the isolation for our own safety, still, we can make it a fun and memorable one if we put a little effort into it. Let us know which idea you like the most.


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