5 tips to get maximum productivity for work from home moms

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We are now facing a pandemic caused by Coronavirus (COVID 19) and to fight it to save our loved one, social distancing is a crucial action. During its outbreak, maximum all companies have required employees to work from home. That sounds great at first, as it’s like every mom's dream come true, but it creates its own set of challenges. When you have little one, it can be challenging to stay focused and be productive.

On a different note, as work and home have no distinction anymore, you may be putting in more hours than ever. You may feel like your personal life has taken a backseat, as you are connected to work 24/7 and you’re feeling stretched too thin.

As with everything in this unrivaled time, time management is an essential key. Don’t worry, we are not telling you to master it, as we know you that life for work from home mom is always changing. When you’ve finally got one big time waster in check, something else inevitably pops up.

We are here with 5 tips that will help you to get maximum productivity while you work from home. So, don’t get discouraged. Let’s get started!

How moms can boost productivity while working from home?

Check out the list and skyrocket your productivity!

Establish a schedule with a to-do list

To do list

Try to establish a schedule so you can get a vouge idea what, when, and how your day will go. From waking up (morning) to sleeping (night) like, waking hour, exercise, kid schedule, work hours, and obviously don’t forget to include your break time which is most important if you want to sustain your productivity. Check whether you are comfortable in that schedule or not and make changes regarding that. After that make that a routine. But stay flexible and creative.

Don’t forget to make a to-do list with daily action items and if possible, arrange them according to priorities so, it will help you while making any decision. You’ll be amazed at how efficient you can be when you narrow your focus each day.

Identify your best hours

We all have different times of day when we are more focused and have a burst of energy. Figure out that time of the day. It may be in the morning? Or maybe right after lunch? Or perhaps at night?

Schedule the most important activities that need your brain and creativity and must get during that time.

Try to synchronize work that requires your full attention with your little one’s schedule.

Use a timer

Use timer

You have to make the most of the nap time hours. To utilize it adequately, set a timer when you sit down to do a task. Turn off all distractions like Facebook, Twitter, and so on if you don’t have work related to that, and focus on the main task. It’s easy to get sucked into for longer than necessary. So, assign a fixed time like 15 mins or 20 mins, per your requirements to each task on your hand that need to be done and set timers according to it. It will greatly help you to stay focused.

Create a designated area for work and play

Create a designated workspace. This is a crucial element for everyone who works from home. As it helps in maintain focus, as you will be less distracted and more organized. If you have younger kids, they should know your workspace is off limits and it’s a work time when you are seated at that desk.

Get help

You are not superhuman; you are a simple human being. So, it’s obvious you get tired, and it’s ok to want or get any help. As we are in lockdown, hiring a babysitter now is not possible. You can get help from your partner. You both can take turns to entertain your baby like one can help the baby to bath while others can attend video conferences or do some work-related things. After lockdown, you can hire a caregiver, who will help or some uninterrupted work time.

If spending money on a babysitter to work at home seems not productive or simply isn’t financially feasible, you can get a grandparent to help or consider a child swap. Find another work-at-home mom and suggest that you each swap kids a few times per week. This will be more fun for the kids you can have some truly dedicated space to focus.

Final words

Being a mom is a difficult job, but with a little bit of planning and management and spices of good habits, you can manage to get things done while still having enough space to relax and work on yourself. And lastly not the least don’t you ever worry because we will be always with you on your every step like a guardian. So, if you need any more tips regarding your baby and yourself, do contact us, we will definitely help.

Stay home, stay safe!



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