Things new moms can expect from their postpartum body (Part-2)

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So, let's continue to what you can expect from your postpartum body. We have already discussed ten ways, here we bring you another ten. Enjoy reading!

What to expect from your postpartum body?

Here are a few more things to know!

Sweating in the night

Your body goes through hormonal adjustments, especially for the first few days after delivery. Night sweating can be a little distracting, but it should dry up in a few days or so. 



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It can take a few days to have the bowel movement after giving birth. Some moms often feel they will rip their stitches, as a result, they hold it in and it can make things even worse. What you can do here is limit the strenuous activities and have eight glasses of water a day. In addition, you can have fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, and grains, it will help too.  

Hair fall

Thanks again to the hormonal changes during pregnancy, as many as 10% of women experience hair fall after pregnancy. Hair may get thicker after pregnancy, shedding extra hair should not be a surprise. Things may return to normal, probably in a couple of months. 

Skin discoloration

Also known as the mask of pregnancy, somewhere around 70% of expectant moms get melasma. These dark patches on the upper lips, forehead, and cheeks are caused by hormonal fluctuation. Don't worry, it will disappear within a few weeks after delivery.

Acne problems

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The reason is the same again, hormonal fluctuation can have some impact on your appearance. Though your skin clears up and comes back to normal (probably in 6 weeks). Acne creams can prove to be helpful, but consult your doctor before choosing an over-the-counter cream.

Varicose Veins

Somewhere around 40% of women develop dilated blood vessels near the skin's surface, mostly this can be thighs and calves. A few things that play role in this include hormones, heredity, and pressure on the veins.

Swollen feet

Your body goes through so many changes and can produce around 50% more blood and other fluids to accommodate your growing baby. Swelling can be on your hands, face, and ankles as well, your foot can increase half a size.

Your energy levels may change

A woman's aerobic capacity can increase up to 20 percent in the first six weeks after giving birth, and hence, some moms may feel highly energetic postpartum. On the other hand, some women can feel the exhaustion of childbirth, taking care of newborn is never easy, and gaining excess body weight can make things difficult, your body can feel sluggish and moody.

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Anxiety or postpartum depression

Physical and emotional changes, hormonal changes, and some unavoidable worries can lead to postpartum depression. Don't worry, anxiety is not going to affect the way you care for your baby, even doctors may advise you to take a natural way first before turning to medication.

C-section scars

C-section is never easy, it can take a year or two for scars to fade to a pencil-thin line. Start treating your scars early to make them fade in time, consult your doctor, and choose the right products to get the best care.

Final words

Share this with would-be-moms and new moms so that they are prepared and know how is it going to be!


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