Redefining Playtime: Engaging Alternatives to Screen Time

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Motherhood is a daunting and never-ending task, especially when you have a child who requires your 24/7 attention. The situation becomes unbearable to handle alone, particularly when living in a city in a nuclear family setup.The continuous demands of attending to a child's needs can quickly become overwhelming. In such circumstances, the temptation to rely on screen time as a quick fix intensifies. Unfortunately, this dependency on digital entertainment further complicates matters, as kids become engrossed in online content at all hours, whether it's during mealtime, playtime, or even family outings.

In this extensive write-up, you can find different ways of ensuring how your kid’s holistic development becomes increasingly crucial in today's fast-paced world.


Here are a few signs to notice if your kid is developing screen addiction:

  • Your kid will only eat food when they are watching something on a mobile, TV, or tablet
  • During family trips, especially while on a car drive, your kid will show disinterest in looking outside the car and exploring, preferring to have a mobile or tablet to watch videos
  • During family dinners, your kid will show reluctance to interact with the family or enjoy the meal, preferring to have a mobile or tablet at hand to watch while eating
  • Your kid will avoid sitting idle for even a second at home, whenever they have a brief moment of idle time, they will want to watch TV or use a mobile or tablet, saying they don't have anything to do
  • Your kid will show little interest in playing, going to the park, or joining any hobby classes

If any of the above situations apply to your child, it's high time to buckle up and take a few simple steps in your daily life to help your child break free from the addiction without compromising on your me-time.


Here we present some simple and effortless suggestions to incorporate into everyday activities, which serve as extraordinarily useful resources and are a great asset to learning and creativity.

  • Take your kid to the park where he/ she can play with other kids of same age group
  • When you are driving in a vehicle, engage your kid in different activities like playing blocks or telling stories
  • Engage your kid in household activities. You can ask your kid to help in gathering the ingredients of the recipe you are thinking to prepare or provide them some flour dough to play with
  • Involving your kid in activities like watering the plants can be a great way to teach responsibility, connect with nature and spend quality time together
  • You can also read them bedtime story books or play shadows at night
  • Plan a variety of activities for your kid throughout the day including creative projects like crayon colouring, hand painting and play dough
  • Reward your kid for completing homework, finishing their meals or organising their toys. This can be a positive reinforcement strategy, encouraging kids to stay focused and complete their tasks


Remember, the goal is not to eliminate screen time entirely but to find a healthy balance that supports your child's overall well-being. By actively managing the screen time as well as promoting other activities can help in the overall development and well being of your kid. This approach cultivates diverse interests, physical activity, social interaction, and cognitive growth, ensuring a well-rounded upbringing that prioritizes both digital literacy and real-world experiences.

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