Virtual learning to classrooms! 6 Important things to consider!

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Do you have a toddler who hasn't known the smell of school but started online classes?


But no other go! 

My child is getting his age, and young learners shouldn't wait for years to come!

That’s Right!

After two academic years, the schools have started increasing the students' count back to their classrooms. The majority of parents are okay with this positive step, while others hesitate thinking of the potential health risks of covid. The covid school reopening guidelines said it is up to the parent's choice. You may either let them go or continue the same. Attendance in school is not compulsory.

Help your child while switching to classroom-based learning with these 6 propositions!

Whether your kid is new to schooling or going back to school after years, there are some important things for parents to take care of :

1. This becomes the top-most priority

I think you could relate it to me. 

Are you a mom who keeps children indoors most of the time? Rare outside visits, not letting the kids touch outside things if so, cleaning their hands immediately with a sanitizer, showing your hot face if she removes her masks...we all did that..acclimatized? 

But, What happens inside the school? Is the child safe?

It's the trust we have in schools, hoping the child is safe.

Ensuring strict covid safety guidelines is compulsory for any school, although the vulnerability of kids to corona is low. Most of the schools are actually following the government steps very seriously. You may just update yourself and look over whether the school is implementing those instructions or not.

The rules that are predominant in most schools like

1. All-time mask.

2. Maintaining physical distance between the classroom seats, in verandahs, lunch hall.

3. One hundred percent vaccination of teaching staff and non-teaching-staffs.

4. Clean and sanitized campus.

5. No swarming of pupils.

6. Hybrid classes to limit the number of pupils at a time.

7. Short sessions for younger kids.

2. The best part is preparing your kids

Help them overcome the crisis!

When to sanitize hands?

How to stay protected in school?

Why wear masks all hours?

Do explain it simply and clearly, let them understand the situation. Our prime responsibility is to make the child cooperate with the school rules for everyone's safety in this critical period.

Provide extra care and insist on the following :

Sanitizers must be in their school bags.

Extra masks and kerchiefs.

A mask that is the best fit, comfort, and child can breathe without any difficulty.

Lunch sharing, not at least for a few years.

Water bottle - "Use your own"

Spoons can be a better choice than fingers.

Separate books, notebooks, and stationaries.

Help them during the transition!

First-time school-goers - Nervousness is what holds your child on the very first day of his/her schooling. It's a new place, new experience, new people, feeling insecure and fearful. So far online classes are at your home. It's like being in a comfort zone. 

It's better to describe the school, teachers, teaching method, lunchtimes, play activities beforehand in a cool way.

"Mamma is going to miss you, I'll get bored here without you" you'll have a lot of friends to enjoy" 

This conversation develops an interest in kids for meeting new classmates.

Try to change their perception of learning. Online classes are just a method of teaching and make them realize that schools are also funnier than home learning. Grow their curiosity to develop their interest in going to school.

Schooling in post corona

The school life before and after Corona is not the same. 

 Kids might be very excited to be back to school, but, helping them to acknowledge the current situation will not disappoint them.

3. Dealing with mental health

For parents

Kids have been with you 24/7, two times the 365 days. Crying, laughing, playing, shouting, and might annoy you all the time. But, how about leaving you for school?

It might wet your eyes while waving your hands for their bye-byes. But, let's put off those emotions and build a positive parent mindset. Our positivity will enhance their development.

For Children

Like parents, children also have anxiety while leaving their parents and comfortable home for school. It's common, and over time kids will get used to it. 

School itself is an unfamiliar place for a starting kid, and this covid makes their school times even worse. We all might have told them, in school, you'll find new friends to play with, talk to, enjoy, and learn. But, now, we say, Do not touch others, stay away, don't be in groups, don't play with others. These new guidelines itself will create stress.

"On reopening, I’m going to play with my friends” this is the excitement for many kids. And, these expectations may also put them down.

Also, some children may fear getting the infection in schools because we have been telling them for a long time. 

So, to be on the good side, we have to speak about :

 the importance of children following the health rules.

the necessity of physical distancing with friends.

 problems that cause stress for your kid.

Options to connect with their friends online.

Speaking about the everyday school experience.

Learning difficulties.

School and home routine.

Children face emotional problems while handling the transition of learning. Without any scary talks, do encourage them for the responsibility they have for their health, life, and for others' life.

4. Address their learning gap

Virtual learning was so easy for kids. Sitting next, and making you do the assignments for them. They haven't taken up homework seriously, and your kid may be so far from the actual syllabus.

It's time to bridge those learning gaps. Children who are used to a regular reading habit at home will be on track soon. But, others who do not have enough technical support or may not take education effectively will fall behind. 

It's good to have a conversation with staff, the teaching process, the continuation of syllabus, exams, revisions, and timelines to ensure our kids are in the right way.

Face-to-face learning is pretty straightforward to lend extra support if a kid demands it. 

5. It's good to go with the other parents

 Each kid is different, and each parent is smart enough to deal with it. So, Why can't you share that smartness through a Parent community or a group?


Connecting with other parents has immense benefits. Sharing the individual's experience, having conversations of ongoing problems, and coming up with new parenting quick fixes will help.

6. Understanding the responsibilities

Schools have a huge responsibility to consider each pupil's health and act. As parents, we often throw questions over the institutions asking for each and every update. But, it would be great if we cooperate and appreciate their efforts. You may help with the following if school asks you :

Asking parents to update their child's profile with their available contact number.

Engaging in social media groups.

Not letting kids if she or he feels sick.

Insisting on vaccination of adults in the family.

Final words

With school reopening, kids switch to classrooms which is a welcoming thing. This change over needs careful steps with the above considerations. Speak up with your kids every day morning and evening to address their deep troubles. All we need is their uninterrupted education without hurting their physical and mental health. 

How was your kid's first school day experience after reopening?

Comment below.

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