To All Fatherly Roles - Happy Father's Day!

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Recently I traveled with my daughter on a public bus. I gave her some snacks to eat so that she may remain calm for some time. While eating, she offered some to a neighbouring lady sitting beside me with a smile. After our many conversations, the lady praised my child for her   "good hospitality". As a mom, it's priceless when someone appreciates our child's good character. But, honestly, I haven't taught her the concept of sharing food as she is just two. It is her dad who seeded this social habit. 

fathers day

So, for fathers who help their children in building positive characters, our Father's day wishes to you.

Hunyhuny wishes “Happy Father's Day” to all Fatherly figures who continuously shower unconditional love and support on their children.

Most of our Indian fathers come under two categories. 

Fathers working hard for the family, not actively involved in their domestic duties. They care but due to lack of time ignore parenting responsibilities due to work pressure or thinking of childcare as women-only duties, societal expectations and so on. The result is having a distant relationship with their children.

The other type is being strict, disciplining their kids every time, saying no to small little things. This restricted parenting has stopped many of us from revealing our interests and asking for suggestions from our fathers.

But the truth is, our fathers love us without expressing it. 

Either they didn't know how to reveal it, or the Indian traditional fatherly norms have stopped them from showcasing it.

But, today's young millennial dads have changed. For reasons like 

• supporting their wife's career, 

• Technology (as many fathers and children can sit together and play video games, etc), 

• the awareness of equal parenting,

• the corporate work-life balance that insists parents to spend quality time with their family, and finally, 

• Corona Lockdown that united families.

The most positive part of this switch to a better father version or father parenting is its influence in overall child's development.

Their way of embracing parenthood is different from what we mothers do and has a positive impact on the child’s development.

father daughter

 Let me list the benefits down below:

The development of social skills in children, Eg. connecting with others, caring for others, being kind, compassionate, revealing their emotions and sharing mentality. 

The way of nurturing kids for these social skills is best done by mothers but it is different and fun by fathers.

Father-child friendly play will encourage kids to develop and maintain good relationships with their peers in school & develop confidence. 

Research says fathers' child care helps in building physical and mental resilience of kids.  The resilience is how well kids can overcome challenges in their life. 

Daily stress is what kids will face in their future and protecting themselves by handling the tough situations happens well with the father's guidance.

The more the words you speak to your kids, the better their vocabulary is, and fathers can equally play a good part like mothers.

When it comes to role models, dads will do their best especially for girl children. Their decision-making skills, problem-solving nature, and the attempt to take the risk, are some positive-growing mindsets children will learn more effectively from their dads.

I love you dad

A study says children will grow with low anxiety and depression levels with fathers' emotional attachment. Dads try to push the child out of their comfort zone by encouragement which helps to acclimate themselves to any tough situations. It enables children to remain stable in odd times.

Fathership also helps in developing the child's overall cognitive skills. The learning ability to get the information, process it and deliver it more skillfully. It’s a developmental milestone.

No one can replace a mother, even a father cannot. Mothers are the best when it comes to imparting life-lessons and great values in their children.

But, at the same time, one should not ignore the efforts that a father put in his parenting journey. Their sacrifices, hard work, emotional attachment with kids needs recognition and appreciation.

What should be the takeaways for new dads? 

On this Father's day, let me address “Self-care” for new dads. Yes, Men also need to care for themselves as soon as they become fathers.

Did you know Men also have postpartum depression issues after childbirth?

Although it is not the physical pain and difficulty women go through during childbirth, men also have hormonal changes in their bodies as fatherhood hits. 

You may feel it's crazy reading this, but it's true. 

The postpartum depression rate for women is higher than men, so we talk about it often. But it also happens for men as they start taking baby responsibility.

Restlessness, lack of proper sleep, poor diet, exhausted feeling, and lack of interest in work are some of the symptoms of depression among men. 

Research says that men with a history of depression and relationship problems will fall more quickly into this category.

Father's state of mind at the time of childbirth needs attention because their way of building an emotional bond with babies takes time. So, do not overlook men's emotions, especially if he turns out to be a new dad.

The easy cure is that couples should spend time together, speak about each other’s emotions and manage child care duties.

Reaching out to a therapist can be of great help in times of difficulty and this is nothing wrong when it comes to the happiness of the family.

love you papa

How to make this day so special?

Here are some Father’s day celebration ideas

Kids offering Hand-made gifts to their fathers

How can a father react to his child’s cute love letter for him? Or a simple pencil sketch that displays his child's creativity? So happy right! 

Telling how much his child loves him or misses him some hard times will be an evergreen souvenir. Kids can make amazing crafts and arts with video tutorials online. Mom’s should encourage their kids to make such lovely gifts to surprise their dads.

Long family drive exploring restaurants and places

Visiting new places, new people, new traditions, exploring new restaurants, tasting new cuisines will make this special day the most memorable. Book a holiday trip to your dad’s long time ticklist places and try unfamiliar fun activities. Capture your adventures with cute candid shots to recollect anytime you want.

Cooking together

Most fathers have good culinary skills which are yet to be discovered or they showcase it very rarely.

 Recreating some untried recipes as a family will be great to make the best of the Father’s day celebration. Dads can be a part or not depending upon their mood. 

This activity is good because

Instead of binge watching tv, cooking will be a quality time for a family to spend.

This also adds curiosity for kids to taste the final outcome of the recipes.

Fun day family games

Why don’t you try some physical or mental games of your father’s childhood now?

 Dumb charades, Antakshari, treasure hunt, sudoko and puzzles, although these games are indoors, you still have a wonderful family get-together.

my dad/papa is the best

Final Words

With a supportive husband, a woman can make great progress in her career and family.

 With progressive fathers, children can grow, develop positive social, mental behavior and shape a productive future.

Happy Father's day wishes to all lovely fatherly figures who emotionally engage with their children and family. Their contribution, involvement, and sacrifice for the family need appreciation, if not daily, at least on this special day. 

Offer your daddy's lovely gifts as they are not just co-parents alone.


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