Teething in Babies

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What is teething?

The eruption of teeth through the gums in babies is called teething.

When does it occur?

Teething starts from around 6 months of age and is completed usually by 2-3 yrs of age. The age of teething may differ, for some it may start a bit earlier than usual for some it may be a bit late, so parents don't need to panic about it. The symptoms of teething may start several days before the eruption of the teeth.

What is the Teething/Eruption sequence?


A total number of 20 milk teeth is present in a baby’s mouth.

It includes 12 anterior(front)teeth and 8 posterior(back) teeth. The first to erupt in the mouth are 2 lower incisors.


What are the teething symptoms in a baby ? 


  • Gnawing/Chewing tendency
  • Increased drooling/salivation which may cause mild rash near the mouth
  • Swollen gums
  • Irritability
  • Tendency to place fingers in the mouth
  • Rubbing near the ear due to referred pain of erupting third molars


  • Gently rubbing the gums with clean finger
  • A wide range of teethers are available in the market nowadays. It can be used for the baby.
  • Nowadays Baby Cots also come with teething rails.
  • Vegetables like carrot can serve as natural teethers.(Do take care while the child is eating to avoid choking) 
  • Cool washcloth for the sore gums
  • Medications like paracetamol or ibuprofen can be given but only on doctors consultation.

Teething unlike any other milestone can be troubling & tiring for the baby as well as the mother. We hope that both of you sail through it as always & find relief as you see your baby beaming with those cute bunny teeth.

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