6 Must Care Things For Newborn Babies

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6 Must care things for newborn babies

Preparation for a newborn starts months before the final arrival. But the excitement and the hustle-bustle means you might forget to keep a few things ready. Thus we have made a list of the 5 most essential items that you will need with this new member's arrival. Simply use this as a checklist and be sure that you are not missing out on anything, and that the baby gets all the pampering and comfort as soon as they come.

1. A Crib


This is rather the first thing that you would get. A Crib / Cot provides the baby with his/her comfortable sleeping area. It needs to be sturdy yet large enough to make sure that your infant is safe while taking their nap. Having a crib can help in making the baby's transition to independent sleepers as they grow up a lot smoother.

While selecting a crib, consider the spaces between the bars, the height of the crib above the mattress, attachment to the parent bed, and their type of mattress. A crib is a place where your baby will rest the most, so when you get one, simply make sure that it is comfortable enough. The mattress choice may vary as per your needs foam(softer) based or coir(firm).

At the same time make sure that the crib is free from sharp edges that can hurt either you or the baby. Wooden cribs always stand out more than the metallic ones as they are rust-free and plastic ones as they are not strong enough.

2. Onesies and Bodysuits

Onesies and Bodysuits are the most comfortable clothing during the infancy period. The snaps/buttons at the bottom make it easier to change diapers so you won't have to undress them completely each time. Thus they are the staple entree in a baby’s wardrobe. 

The fabric used must be soft and organic. Cotton is the preferred fabric as it gets soft over time with each wash. Clean and fresh clothes will not only make sure the baby is safe from infections but also that it feels great all the time. Even available as per the season's requirement be it full or half sleeve.

Here is a link from the selected range of Onesies and Bodysuits HunyHuny brings to you for your baby. 


3. Diapers


The most essential one is to keep your baby clean and dry all the time. For that, you will have to get them some amazing diapers. Poor quality diapers can cause wetness leading to rashes and irritation at unwanted parts and at the same time diapers made from cloth at home have their disadvantages. So it is essential to select the best ones.

A range of options is available from reusable ones to use & throw. The new generation of parents is moving towards the reusable ones having the advantage of being environment friendly added over with cost-effectiveness. The best ones are those which are soft and light in weight with the inner lining made of organic fabric. There is a range of diapers available for your baby as per his/her requirements, and habits in variable colors and designs. When buying from our leading mother & baby shopping site, there is hardly any chance that you would go wrong.

4. Blanket, Bibs, and Mittens


Blanket, Bibs, and Mittens are the must-have baby essentials. The right blanket will help your baby sleep longer and better. So pick the ones made from organic material and are soft to the skin.

Bibs often serve as saviors to mommies as they prevent the baby from soiling their clothes while being fed while Mittens keep their palms and feet warm and prevent accidental scratches from their nails. Both mittens and bibs are available in a range of colors and designs.

Keeping the essentials handy will prove to be useful when the time comes.

5. A change table


A change table serves as the perfect platform for changing the baby’s diapers. Nowadays the baby crib along with every other feature like storage, attachment to the parent bed comes with a diaper changing table making this baby's furniture a complete quintessential package for the nursery.

Some change tables also have compartments to store essentials that you would need for your baby like baby creams and lotion, bibs and dresses, etc.

6. Feeding essentials

These include nursing bras, breastfeeding clothes, breast pump, and more. A pair of good nursing Bra and Maternity clothes are a must to go for making feeding hassle free whether you are out somewhere or at home. For breastfeeding, you do not need any equipment. But sometimes a breast pump comes in handy as you can store the milk for future use. 

Hope this article gives you an idea about the things that you will be needing once the baby arrives. The article makes mention of many items along the way. So make sure that you cover all of them and stay prepared for the big day. 


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