How Celebrating Valentine's Day Changed Now?

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How Celebrating Valentine's Day Changed Now?

How was your first Valentine's day as a couple?

It's so Romantic, so Special...


Red Roses!

Candlelight Dinner!

Expensive Gifts!

This must be your answer! 

But Now? 


Everything is baby!

Your life changes after a baby. 

I agree. If you can step back and look at all those moments from your child's birth, you'll definitely enjoy parenthood irrespective of its challenges.

But, What about celebrating special days? 

The celebration is even more joyful now with kids.

How was your first valentine's day different from Then and Now?


The normal valentine's day expectations were fulfilled with a lot of individual time. "It is my day with my lovely person," a kind of joy. 

Plans earlier were like...

1. Adventure trips,

2. Romantic date, 

3. Binge-watch OTT romances,

4. Cherishing the together moments,

5. Beachside or poolside candle light dinner,

6. Surprise gifts and so on.

You must have shared the love and the intensity of care you have for each other. You might have expressed it with cute romances by capturing those moments with selfies and photographs. Photos must be at all favorite spots of your home.

But Now…

Changing diapers...

Sleepless nights...

Running after the kid...

And, that’s the beauty of being a parent..

Just because you're a mom or a dad you should not resist yourself from celebrating occasions. Right! As a parent, we are not selfish but, possessive to take our kids along with us all the time. Hence, enjoying the parenthood phase, reliving their first cute moments.

Add kids to your romantic day plan and make it extraordinary. Involving kid with your valentine plan will be a win-win for all as it goes along Baby Khush Mummy Khus Papa bhi Khush !!

Ways to enjoy with kids during this day aka How to plan Valentine Day to turnout special!!

You can add kids to your plans and let them enjoy themselves along with you. Having a perfect plan will make the day happen as you wish. You can include some activities to engage your kids without compromising your partner's happiness.

1. Surprise gifts - Cherish your better-half with stuffs wished for a long time. The exchange of gifts among the family members is also a fun game.

Which to buy for mom?

What dad is going to bring for mumma? 

Whose gifts are so impressive?

Mumma's gift for Dad ?

Kids will get these questions out of curiosity. The unique and creative gifts will express the love and bond for each other. Special occasion gifts are more likely to strengthen relationships

2.Shopping - Take your partner shopping.

Shopping for clothes is a great way to involve kids as well to explore and know kid's fashion choices, also it will nurture their independent decision-making ability. 

Family shopping demands more patience from you. It may take hours to choose a fabric that fits their taste. Adding to that, fashion suggestions and feedback also showcase the care that you have for your partner. But, be honest with your opinion.

    3. Family meal - Cook some favorite meals and spend time eating together. Order each others favorite meal or Cook together,Kitchen romances are also a great fun by the way :)

It is also a good activity for kids to accompany you. Ask them to mix the cake batter, cut fruits, sprinkle, and garnish with toppings for making a perfect valentine's cake.

Keep in mind to cook only easy-to-make recipes, multi-cuisines, soups of your family's choice, ofcourse you don't wanna end up being tired and not able to enjoy the moment . 

Pre-plan the menu and list the ingredients before the day. Keep your kids busy asking them to collect the items along with you at the supermarket. They love making ticks in your checklist once the items are collected.

How about trying some new recipes from a recipe book or a video? It will be a memorable Food Adventure for sure! 

4. Trips and outdoors - A clever mom knows how to keep her kids busy during a trip. So, arranging a trip is not a daunting task for her. 

What is your spouse's favorite spot, would love to visit? 

a. Occupy your kids with activities like craftworks, clay molding toys, activity toys, water, and coloring games.

b. Choose the spot which has a garden play area and swimming pool. 

Make some couple time then and there while your kids are busy themselves. You can also schedule an outdoor couple photo shoot.

(It must be a new place, so keep an eye on them all the time).

5. Family time - Mark some conversation time to know your kids and partner better. Have friendly discussions. Do not make arguments. Listen to their opinions. Speak about any random topics like stories, goals, food, history, love. What does your kid know? How correctly does he understand a word? For example, what does he/she know about "love"? What does he feel?

Give some clarity if it demands.

6. Dinner - Plan A romantic dinner either at your home or at a hotel. 

If you wish for a candlelight dinner setup at home, accompany your kids for crafting, table setup and make it fabulous. 

If you love outside dining, book a family dinner table at your spouse's favorite restaurant. Explore some delicious signature recipes of that hotel that are hard to make at home. 

Finally, Finish the day with some romantic tasty cocktails if you prefer.

Although this day may not recreate your first valentine's day, it will make you feel good and complete as a family.

Stop here, Be ready to answer this!

Why are we celebrating this? 

What is so special about this day? With smarter kids, you get this question.

The best thing is to tell kids before they learn on their own. Valentine's day has a meaning. Expression of love for yourself, your family, and your friends. 

It's about being kind and compassionate rather than being romantic. Make it clear that this day is simply not about kissing, hugging, and sharing messages.

"I love you"...It means I like you so much, I wish all good for you, I will protect you, You're safe. These are simple words for kids but enough to make them understand.

Make them feel good, loved, and secure. 

Also, use this celebration to build a character of saying "sorry" to your kids if they hurt their loved ones. Saying sorry will reconnect people if they felt hurt at some point. 


The Celebration of valentine's day is not the same that you did last year or before you became a parent. The best part is kids are in your plan. It's a wise choice because it tells your kids the importance of expressing love. Relationships strengthen only if you reveal your love for others. Let's celebrate a great valentine's day with more energy and fun than before.

Which option suits you the best? 

Recreating that memorable day!


Making some memories as a family?

Comment below. Let's talk.

HunyHuny team wishes you a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY 2022!


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