Everything you got to know about Baby Crib Cot and its maintenance!

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Now, that you have got the most stylish, safest, strongest futuristic baby crib cum cot at your home. It's hard to find words to describe the happiness of seeing your tiny feet inside the crib. But, to freshen up the baby crib like everyday needs your attention, if not daily at least two times a week.

This post helps you with different ideas to have your baby cribs spotless every time. 

  • How to deep clean HunyHuny baby crib/cot and slats?

  • Keep the HunyHuny crib/cot bedding set spotless!

  • Simple Hacks to clean HunyHuny crib/cot mattress!

  • How to clean without a vacuum?

  • Antibacterial Fabric sprays for baby mattress

  • Cleaning HunyHuny Baby crib/cot Mattress Protector

  • HunyHuny crib/cot Mosquito net caring tips!

  • Teething rails, wheels & toys cleaning

  • HunyHuny crib/cot Mobiles cleaning

How to clean HunyHuny baby crib & cot?

Let us look deeply at individual features and their cleaning methods. Remove the entire crib set up and start cleaning one by one.

How to deep clean HunyHuny baby crib/cot and slats?

HunyHuny crib cots are of two types one is with non-toxic, child-safe paint coatings and other is of wooden finish, gentle wiping with a dry cloth will do its best to remove the settled dust. But, once a week, proper cleaning with warm water and baby soap/shampoo is a must to remove the stains.

Mix soap solution in warm water, wet and squeeze the cloth completely, wipe the slats, cot, storage space, and extra dressing or diaper changing table. Following this step, do not forget to use a dry cloth to fasten the drying of the wooden areas.

Pro tips

  •  Do not keep/store wooden frames in open sunlight as it will peel off the paint coats and damage the wood forming cracks.

  • Sometimes scratches and marks may appear awful, consider repainting the crib with child-friendly, low, or nil volatile organic compounds as this gives the paint smell, which irritates the baby.

  • The wet cloth needs well squeezing to prevent paints from peeling off as we do this cleaning routine often. Also, the excess moisture will soak the wood and delay drying, this encourages fungal growth and a musty smell.

  • Declutter the storage space area every time to remove unwanted baby stuff.

  • Do not use alcohol to clean the wood because it affects the wood finish.

Keep the HunyHuny crib/cot bedding set spotless!

The bedding is the sheet above the mattress and it also includes the side bumpers and pillow. It needs regular changing of two times a week in your cleaning routine. For any kind of spillage and urine leakages, sometimes it is required to be changed immediately to avoid soaking.

In this way, we can ensure the baby's healthy playstation and maintain the fabric for repeated uses.

Pro tips

  • Keep 1-2 extra baby crib bedding sheets and bumper sets in crib storage.

  • Always get soft cotton bedding sheets that should keep up their color, and smoothness even after multiple washes.

  • Pick elastic crib sheets as elastic bands will fit the mattress at all sides properly. Also called a fitted mattress sheet. This will increase the life of the mattress. 

  • Pre-wash the new crib sheets before you use them.

Simple Hacks to clean HunyHuny crib/cot mattress!

Why mattress cleaning? The crib is like a mini home for babies, and they spend more than 12 hours in that home. No matter how clean the mattresses look, they still  have to deal with urine, vomit, dust which might lead to mites, bed bugs, bacteria, mold, and viruses. The unnoticed urine soaked mattress will leave a foul smell encouraging the growth of microorganisms.

When to clean the baby mattress?

Once or twice a week as per your regular routine. But, spills need immediate cleaning action.

The following are the easy home tips to clean the baby mattress.

  1. Vacuum cleaner to clean the mattress - Use a small open vacuum nozzle that effectively sucks fine dust particles and other invisible pollutants as they have high suction power. Run a vacuum cleaner on both the sides, corners, and edges of the mattress to prevent fine dust and microbes from hiding. Steam cleaning is the best way to make the bed clean quickly.

  1. Rubbing - Do not wet the mattress. Use a fragile object cleaning sponge to scrub the bed surface with a soap and water solution. Be careful not to damage the mattress. Ensure that the liquid or powder detergent dissolves in the water fully for easy cleaning. Concentrate on the discolored areas like urine marks. At home, you may mix Baking soda, Salt, and water, and gently rub the mattress with a sponge or muslin cloth instead of detergents.

  1. Rinsing - Use a clean wet cloth to rub all over the mattress. Wet the cloth in warm water and squeeze it to remove all the residues of the detergents.

* Drying- Do not forget to dry the mattress after rubbing and rinsing either by leaving under the fan or using a dry blower might also work as an alternative.

    1. Disinfecting-

    • Spraying/Rubbing alcohol at 70 percent concentration is a good disinfectant choice as it sterilises and evaporates quickly. No need for extra water rinsing. So, you can spray alcohol as a surface sanitation. Diluting its concentration to 50 percent will not work. Leave it in the open air till the alcohol smell leaves the mattress.

    • Lemon juice has antibacterial properties. Always mix lemon juice with either salt or baking soda while using, as concentrated juice will bleach the fabric.

    • Do avoid bleaches as they may damage the mattress fibers.

         5. Stain and smell removal to freshen up the mattress-

    • Baking soda, white vinegar, and water will remove the urine stain and smell. First, mix equal parts of vinegar and water, spray the mix all over the surface and sprinkle baking soda at places where you have more stains or smell. Allow it for 30 minutes, and use a vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda.

    • Mixing Vinegar, Lemon juice, and water in equal amounts can also remove the urine smell. 

        6. Air dry - It's the most important step, pat the most wetted areas with a clean, dry cloth to remove excess moisture. Allow it to dry for a few hours naturally before you put it in the crib.

When to change the mattress and get a new one? 

If the baby mattress has too many stains and dirt, which you feel unmanageable, you may switch to new ones considering the baby's hygiene. Consider changing the old mattress if you decide to use the same crib for your second baby. Opt for a  firm and Supportive bed cot Mattress here.

How to clean without a vacuum? 

You may try home remedies with baking soda to clean the used mattress. But, without a vacuum, you may consider beating the mattress to remove the dust. It's an old method of using sweepers and sticks. But to remove fine dust particles and microbes, it is good to invest in a vacuum cleaner or go with professional dry cleaners to deep clean your baby's mattress. Look for mattress cleaning options and services in your local places.

Antibacterial Fabric sprays for baby mattress

Sprays are easy to use, very convenient as mom's have hectic schedule. There are many fabric disinfectants for babies but before that read through their ingredients like fragrances, dyes, natural derivatives, alcohol percentage, and individual composition. It applies to disinfecting wipes as well.

Cleaning HunyHuny Baby crib/cot Mattress Protector

You may choose soft, breathable, waterproof, ultra-thin, skin-friendly baby mattress protector or dry sheets to increase the mattress life and also to provide a dry, clean resting place for babies. Pick Our HunyHuny waterproof fitted Baby Cot Mattress Protector . Click here. It's cleaning techniques are simple & easy and they are reusable.

For cleaning HunyHuny Mattress Protector follow the below simple steps.. 

  1. Use mild laundry liquid detergents. Liquid detergents dissolve quickly and are easy to remove while rinsing, whereas powder ones may settle on the sheet and need multiple rinses.

  2. Clean stains immediately.

  3. 3 cups of water, 1 cup of detergent and 1 cup of white vinegar will remove the urine smell from the dry sheets.

  4. Use cold water to remove the urine smell. 

HunyHuny crib/cot Mosquito net caring tips!

HunyHuny baby crib & cot mosquito net come as light-weight, thin, soft mesh fabric. Washing a mosquito net without tearing it needs our attention. Dust particles will sit on those nets, and frequent cleaning will bring their original color and hygiene.

  1. Remove the net and soak in detergent solution for 15-20 minutes.

  2. Give a gentle rub over the net with your hand.

  3. Rinse in clean water till the detergent foam disappears.

  4. Allow the water to drain from the mesh by hanging it on a rack or a stand.

  5. Shade drying is best to avoid fading and tearing.

Teething rails, wheels & toys cleaning

Teething rails are essential to protect the baby's growing teeth and gums from biting rails in their teething phase. Also, it safeguards the cot from scratches and teeth marks. 

Cleaning them helps to ensure the baby's hygiene as drooling often is more likely to cause infection. 

Plastic teething rails in the market are child-friendly, waterproof, transparent, invisible and also do fit quickly, clean easily. 

Waterproof covers need simple wiping to remove stains. But, sometimes, babies tend to make things messy and if and only if the teething rail cover has got dirty from the inner side you can remove the plastic rails, clean them with a soap solution, and wash and wipe it with a clean, dry cloth and fix it back. But be careful as frequently removing the plastic protective cover may tend to loosen the fitting . 


Wheel cleaning is also a part of the entire crib cleaning process. Most of the dust and fallen hair may stick to those tiny wheels. Unclog the waste, wipe the wheels with a cloth. 

Toy cleaning

Toy cleaning is a must whether you allow your baby to play with toys inside the crib or not. Periodic cleaning of toys helps prevent infection as babies bite, chew, and lick those handy toys, thus spreading their saliva over the toy. So, dust can easily stick with the toy.

Clean and disinfect those toys to maintain the baby's hygiene. Use baby shampoo or soap to rub and clean the toys, allowing them to dry naturally.

For disinfecting, use disinfectant wipes to rub the surface of the toys or use warm water, white vinegar, rose water, or lavender oil mix, soak the toys for at least half an hour, wash and sun dry them. 

Rosewater has antibacterial properties that remove the bacteria and also refresh with its natural fragrance.

HunyHuny crib/cot Mobiles cleaning

Although we allow cot mobiles to hang from a certain height, you need to wipe out the dirt and dust. The same toy cleaning method applies to Cot/ Crib Mobiles. Ensure it is fully dry before you hang them in the crib. 

Buy High-Quality and Non-toxic Baby Cot & Crib Mobile for your tiny ones.


Baby cribs and cots are so sentimental, only if it is maintained properly you can preserve them for your second baby or the next generation. Also, it will keep up its safety standards to use in the long run. Keeping only the baby essentials will save our time in the cleaning process, and by alsom keeping an optimum amount of baby toys in the crib. We hope this post helps you clean your HunyHuny baby cribs & cots at home without using any harsh chemicals and irritants.

What’s your secret DIY way of cleaning that we missed in this post?  Let us share, 

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