Cold and cough in babies: How to make your little one feel comfortable?

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Why cold and cough in babies are called common? Well, yes, there is a reason. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), many healthy babies deal with 8 to 10 colds and other viral infections in the first couple of years of their life, or you can call it 6 to 8 colds in the first year.

Your baby's immune system is under development and not completely ready to fight infections and viruses. As a new parent, you may feel worried when your little bundle of joy sneezes or coughs, feels irritated, and it's obvious. Knowing the right details about it can help you deal with cold and cough in babies, and you will be a lot more confident.

Symptoms of cold and cough in babies

In a day or two after your baby is infected by a cold, you may start to see the signs.

·         Stuffy nose

·         Runny nose that can be clear in the beginning but can turn yellow or green.

·         Sneezing

·         Fatigue

·         Irritability

·         Reduced appetite

·         Trouble sleeping

·         Cough

·         Fussiness

·         Fever

·         Vomiting

·         Diarrhea

How to prevent cold and cough in babies?

·         Keep your little one away from anyone who's sick. Especially, in such a crazy situation of COVID-19, you need to be extra careful about who sits near your baby.

·         Going for a walk with your baby enjoying the ride of a baby stroller is fun, but be careful when it's cold outside.

·         Wash your hands before touching or feeding your baby.

·         Don't forget to clean your baby's toys and bottles often.

·         The right baby winter wear is essential, and don't forget the cotton booties to keep your baby feet warm.

·         Make sure your baby gets sufficient sleep, you can get a rocker cum bouncer to make the baby fall asleep quickly.

·         Teach everyone in your home to sneeze or cough into a tissue and then toss it.      

How to treat and make your baby feel comfortable?

First, you need to understand that cold and cough in babies is different from that in adults. And, your baby should not be given any adult cold and cough medicines as it can be very harmful to little ones.

Keep nose clean

When the nose is stuffed-up, it can be extremely uncomfortable for the baby, making it difficult to breathe and sleep. Gently clean the excess mucus and you can use some nose drops that soften mucus before suctioning, and if you are unsure, it is a wise decision to consult your doctor.

Increase fluid intake

Keep up breastfeeding if your baby is not eating solids yet, some nutritious food and foods rich in vitamin C can prove to be helpful.


Keep your room's air humid, moist air can reduce congestion and make breathing easier.

Know which medicines work

Always check with your doctor about the safest medicines or syrups according to the age of your baby. Your doctor can suggest some good medicines that will help your baby feel comfortable.

Final words

Cold and cough in babies are rarely serious and should be handled with confidence. Consult your doctor in case of any confusion, and don't experiment with medicines before the doctor's approval.


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