Choosing the right baby shoes made easy!

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There's something special about those tiny little feet and tiny baby shoes that makes people go AWWW! When your baby starts to walk, figuring out what types of shoes are best for your baby can be challenging. As there is a vast range of baby shoes available out there, any parent can get caught in confusion. So, let's kick out this confusion here and make finding the right shoes for your baby easy and hassle-free.

When should you buy the first pair for your little one?

Of course, pre-walking, cute little cotton printed booties can get the job done. In general, your baby needs the first pair of shoes when he/she starts walking. It's important to protect your baby's little feet from problematic objects on the ground. Whenever possible, your baby can go barefoot and baby shoes can prove to be the right protection.

How to choose baby shoes?

Check out these tips and you will surely end up buying the right pair.

Soft and flexible sole

Your baby must get all the comfort while walking and for this, a soft and flexible sole is important. Babies learn by touching and feeling things, the right pair with a high-quality sole will help your baby to gain balance.

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The bottom should be non-skid

If shoes are non-skid, it can be hard enough for your baby to learn to walk but it should not be too thick that doesn't allow your baby to bend feet.  Soles with rubber grip can be a good choice to make.

Light and breathable material

Baby's feet may sweat more than you can think. If those little feet are stuck in sweaty shoes all day, the baby's feet can smell very bad. Choose the right material so that your baby's feet don't get hot and uncomfortable.

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Try before you buy

You need to assess the situation by putting shoes on your baby's foot. Too small or too big, both can cause trouble as too small can cramp your baby's feet while too big can cause tripping, and you don't want it.

Velcro fasteners

Getting your baby's shoes on and off should not be a headache. This is the reason why shoes with velcro fasteners can be a good choice. You won't need to retie loose laces. But, keep in mind that once your baby knows how to work the velcro, the baby can take his shoes off any time.

Shop when your baby is in good mood!

When your baby is grumpy or hungry, your little one may not be interested to shop. Plan to shop around meals and naps or when your baby is relaxed. 

Final words

Hope this helps you to find the right pair of shoes for your little one, don't forget to share with near and dear ones who need this information.


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